Outside the Box: Guaranteed Surprises

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This week, The Two Man Game will start looking at what the Mavs could do as another pivotal summer is upon them. Mark Cuban has said there are different ways or “permutations” to ensure the Mavs won’t have a failure of a summer if they are unable to land a big fish acquisition.

Dirk Nowitzki said Cuban is “all-in” on this summer, and committed to bringing the franchise back to where it belongs. There are traditional ways to do that but there are also outside the box ways of doing that. We’ll look at five potential angles the Mavs could work that would be considered outside the box.

Times are tough for many teams around the league in a new CBA world. There are two teams in the Eastern Conference who find themselves in a bit of a bind but in two very different ways.

The Boston Celtics are a team with a bloated payroll (giving Jason Terry a three-year, $15.675 million dollar deal is an example of how money can add up in a hurry). They did hit an unfortunate break in terms of an injury during the month of January as it was announced the Rajon Rondo suffered an ACL injury and would be out of action for the duration of the season. Boston is getting older and teams around them are getting better.

The Toronto Raptors are also a team with a bloated payroll. To make their situation worse than Boston’s, they flat out stink. The Raptors tied for the worst record in the Atlantic Division. They have just over $27 million committed between Rudy Gay and DeMar Derozan. They also still have someone impersonating a basketball player in Andrea Bargnani as he is collecting a salary of $10.7 million this coming season. The only thing worse than being in a cap bind: being in a cap bind and being terrible.

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Setting the Table: Toronto Raptors (Game 23)

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The Dallas Mavericks (11-11) head north of the border to take on the Toronto Raptors (4-19). You read that correctly. The Toronto Raptors only have four wins as they move towards their 24th game of the season. Toronto has the second worst record in the Eastern Conference and in the entire league (Washington – 3-16).

Simply put, this is a game the Mavericks need to get and do so in a comfortable fashion. It doesn’t matter if they played a grueling double overtime game on 12/12 against the Boston Celtics. Just handle your business.

Here are the notes for the game between the Mavericks and the Raptors.

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