New Blood

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Photo by AP Photo.

The Mavs released their official Vegas Summer League roster today, and there are a few surprises:

Rodrigue Beaubois3G6'2''182Guadeloupe1
J.R. Giddens5G6'5''215New Mexico2
Jeremy Lin7G6'3''200HarvardR
Amara Sy9F6'8''224FranceR
DeShawn Sims10F6'8''235MichiganR
Dominique Jones20G6'4''215South FloridaR
Shan Foster30G6'6''205VanderbiltR
Omar Samhan34C6'11''265St. Mary'sR
Mouhammad Faye35F6'9''215SMUR
Eric Tramiel42F6'7''230North TexasR
Moussa Seck44C7'4''220SenegalR

Mavs’ assistant coaches Monte Mathis and Darrell Armstrong will be the head and assistant coaches of the SL team, respectively.

Here are the prospects who participated in Mavs mini-camp, but didn’t make the Summer League roster: Jermaine Beal (Vanderbilt), Kelvin Lewis (Houston), Jamel White (Texas Wesleyan), Andre Emmett (Texas Tech; drafted by the Sonics in 2004), Tony Crocker (Oklahoma), Dwight Lewis (USC), Larry Owens (Oral Roberts/Tulsa 66ers), Derrick Byars (Drafted by the Blazers in 2007), Roderick Flemings (Hawaii), and Zivonko Buljan (TCU).

Larry Owens is probably the most regrettable omission, but the inclusion of Sy and Giddens makes up for it in my eyes. Sims isn’t a bad addition either, and while he isn’t ready for the pros just yet, he should be good in Vegas. There will be more to come later on the Summer League roster, particularly the new names.

To Everything, There Is a Season

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Photo by AP.

Vegas Summer League is fast approaching, and with the draft in the rear-view mirror, the roster is starting to take shape. Here’s a preliminary depth chart of all of the prospects confirmed for the team (in bold) and those invited to tryout for a spot in the Mavs’ mini-camp.

PG – Rodrigue Beaubois (Maverick U), Jeremy Lin (Harvard), Jermaine Beal (Vanderbilt)

SG – Dominique Jones (South Florida; drafted by the Mavs in 2010), Shan Foster (Vanderbilt; drafted by the Mavs in 2008), Kelvin Lewis (Houston), Jamel White (Texas Wesleyan), Andre Emmett (Texas Tech; drafted by the Sonics in 2004), Tony Crocker (Oklahoma), Dwight Lewis (USC)

SF – Larry Owens (Oral Roberts/Tulsa 66ers), Derrick Byars (Drafted by the Blazers in 2007), Eric Tramiel (North Texas), Roderick Flemings (Hawaii)

PF – Mouhammad Faye (SMU), Zivonko Buljan (TCU)

C – Omar Samhan (St. Mary’s), Moussa Seck (Senegal)

Hat-tip to Jeff Caplan and Scott Schroeder. You can view the Mavs’ Summer League schedule here.

You may notice that the Mavs’ two second round picks from last year, Nick Calathes and Ahmad Nivins, are both oddly absent. Calathes is prevented from playing in Summer League due to his deal with Panathinaikos Athens. Nivins would theoretically be cleared, but was sidelined with a knee injury while playing for Manresa last December. Mark Cuban confirmed via email that Ahmad is still rehabbing.

The roster could still change a bit between now and the end of mini-camp, particularly if any of the more skilled invitees decide to play for the Mavs. Most of the top undrafted players are already accounted for, but there are still plenty of prospects out there. Brian Zoubek (Duke), Mac Koshwal (DePaul), Devan Downey (South Carolina), Justin Mason (Texas), Courtney Fortson (Arkansas), Marquis Gilstrap (Iowa State), Tyler Smith (Tennessee), and Tommy Mason-Griffin (Oklahoma) all worked out for the Mavs and are unattached for Vegas, making them the more likely possibilities of the bunch.

Even if there aren’t any notable additions between now and the start of Summer League, there are plenty of interesting players in this bunch. Beaubois you already know, and it’ll be nice to get another look at him running the point full-time. Dominique Jones will make his Maverick debut, and I have a feeling a lot of people will be pleasantly surprised. Larry Owens is an interesting wing prospect coming to the Mavs by way of the D-League, and he’s capable of providing some scoring (including three-point shooting) and rebounding at SF. Omar Samhan and the 7’4” Moussa Seck provide two very different looks at center, but both will command your viewing attention when on the floor.

It’s still doubtful the Summer League team will produce any unknown talent worthy of making the Mavs’ roster this season, but there could be some training camp prospects in the bunch. Not to mention candidates for the Texas Legends. It’s not quite Maverick basketball, but this is going to be fun, folks.

Heard It Through the Weekend Grapevine

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  • The Mavs were able to sell their second round pick to the Raptors because of Toronto’s interest in Solomon Alabi. Interestingly, he may only have slipped to No. 50 because of a health concern, a rather serious one in fact: Hepatitis B.
  • Another player out of the running for the Mavs’ summer league team: Charles Garcia, who will be suiting up (supposing that wearing a practice jersey really qualifies as “suiting up”) for the Knicks.
  • Donnie Nelson with a dose of realism on Dominique Jones (via Jeff Caplan of ESPN Dallas): “”How many rookies are going to be impact guys? Not many. The rookies that make an impact generally are on bad teams, right? So, for us to expect him to walk into significant minutes, it’s not fair to him and he’s got a bunch of really good players playing in front of him. But, I think what it does is it gives us a foundation in the backcourt for a future. You’ve got Roddy and you’ve got some building blocks that you can get excited about internally.”
  • SMU’s Mouhammad Faye, Oklahoma’s Tony Crocker, and North Texas’ Eric Tramiel will be among those brought in for the Mavs’ pre-Summer League mini-camp.
  • LeBron James is set to meet with representatives from six teams to determine his future: the Cavs, Knicks, Nets, Clippers, Bulls, and Heat. Notice any teams missing in there?


They Smell Like the Future: Making the Most of a Late-Draft Selection

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The Mavs’ first and only selection in this year’s draft is the 20th pick in the second round, or the 50th pick overall. Odds are that Donnie Nelson and Mark Cuban’s draft pick will never know what it means to be an NBA player. The D-League stints and European tours that will almost assuredly follow present an eternal divide between draft night and the true beginnings of a player’s NBA career; not every second rounder can find success like Marcus Thornton, DeJuan Blair, or Mario Chalmers. Due to the extremely finite number of roster spots in the league, a vast majority of second rounders won’t even get a legitimate shot at becoming an NBA mainstay. The divide isn’t made to be crossed, as the system itself works against prospects trying to make a name for themselves in the big leagues.

This year could be a little bit different, though. Armed with the Texas Legends, the Mavs can select a player late in the draft — or sign an undrafted rookie — and keep them in-house. Their development can be incredibly specific and carefully tracked, and proper appraisal against D-League level talent can be done using video and more advanced team-specific measures.

I don’t think it’s fair to expect immediate dividends from the Frisco D-League project, but this summer could be the first time the Mavs really put something into it. Maybe the selection will turn out to be lower-level talent in the D-League, and a world away from being able to produce on an NBA level. That’s fine. There is power in knowing, and that’s the benefit that owning a D-league team provides.

We’re able to get our first look at the types of players the Mavs are considering with the pick (or in free agency) by the workouts they’re conducting, and the first six players worked out by the Mavs are all guards. According to a report by Jason Dannelly of College Fanz, the Mavs worked out Jamel White, Tweety Carter, Tony Crocker, Jermaine Beal, Dwight Lewis, and Marquez Haynes on Monday (via the DMN). None of those six players is considered to be a true candidate for the 50th pick, as none are really registering on any draft radars. Nelson could surprise and select one of those six anyway, but based on their currently nonexistent draft stock, I’d say these workout players are more likely to be long-shot training camp filler or prospects for the Legends.

We’ll know more as the Mavs continue to work out more and more players, but for now, here’s a little bit of info and relevant 2009-2010 stats (both in per game and per 40 minute form) for each of the six prospects:

Jamel White
Senior SG, Texas Wesleyan
6’4”, 195 lbs.
24 years old (3-2-1986)

Per Game22.
Per 40N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A----

*Per 40 minute data not available because minutes played data not available. Thanks, Texas Wesleyan.

Tweety Carter
Senior PG, Baylor
5’11”, 185 lbs.
23  years old  (10-25-1986)

Per Game15.
Per 4013.

Tony Crocker
Senior SG, Oklahoma
6’5”, 187 lbs.Sr,
23 years old (1-17-1987)

Per Game11.
Per 4013.

Dwight Lewis
Senior SG, USC
6’5”, 215 lbs.
22 years old (10-7-1987)

Per Game13.
Per 4015.

Marquez Haynes
Senior PG, UT Arlington
6’3”, 185 lbs.
23 years old (12-19-1986)

Per Game22.
Per 4018.

Jermaine Beal
Senior PG, Vanderbilt
6’3”, 205 lbs.
22 years old (11-4-1987)

Per Game14.
Per 4018.

Stats courtesy of Draft Express,, and official team sites.