Heard It Through the Grapevine

Posted by Rob Mahoney on December 10, 2009 under xOther | 2 Comments to Read

  • It’s no secret that J.J. Barea struggles on defense, but I’m shocked by his honesty when asked about the most difficult part of being an undersized defender (via Eddie Sefko): “Everything…They always try to post me up. And a couple times, on pick-and-rolls, I was late switching, so I was holding, trying to do anything, and they got me a couple times for fouls…It’s a workout for me. But I’m going to keep doing it. They give you six fouls, so you might as well use them.”
  • Don Nelson finally got his big payday: $7 million right out of Mark Cuban’s wallet. Now all that’s between Cuban and Nelson is bad blood.
  • This year’s team has a different relationship (in terms of on-court need) with Josh Howard than before. Bethlehem Shoals nails it: “I’ve been among the many, possibly misguided, folks who have long felt the Mavs’ successs depended heavily on Howard. That’s despite thinking that Dirk is a very strong candidate for MVP so far. This season, it might not be about getting Howard’s head on straight, or figuring out his role on the team, but about he and Carlisle managing his PT so it benefits all parties involved. That’s the kind of challenge that can really bring out the best in a coach and player—or prove to be a huge distraction that blows up in the team’s face.”
  • According to the infamous Tim Donaghy, Mark Cuban may have been a referee target (via Tim MacMahon): “Obviously Mark was very outspoken in regard to the referees. Referees have personal vendettas that they take out on certain players, coaches and owners. Mark was certainly one of those people.” Corruption! Scandal! The 2006 Finals! So many exclamation points, and for me, just one question: why are we still listening to this guy?
  • Fish looks back at the Mavs’ off-season moves with a quarter season in the books. From where we sit now, it’s hard to poke holes in Donnie Nelson’s summer strategies.