Under the Microscope

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This is it. This is the moment that everyone has been waiting for. As it was apparent that the Mavs weren’t going to make the first time in over a decade, everyone circled July 1st on their calendar. They waited to see if the Mavs could really make progress on improving their team.

Some are waiting to say “I told you so” and that dismantling the championship team was a mistake. Over the weekend, I’ve looked over that roster again and the results and I still stand by my belief that that captured lightning in a bottle and Dirk Nowitzki had one of the greatest playoff runs the league has ever seen. As the Miami Heat celebrate their second championship, Dirk and those Mavs will know that they “got ‘em.”

History may or may not remember the 2011 Mavs for what they did and mainly remember what the Heat didn’t do, but there’s no way to erase the fact that Nowitzki was the baddest man on a basketball court that summer.

Last season was a disappointing one as the Mavs wandered through the wilderness of mediocrity. Nowitzki’s injury derailed the season from the get-go. Despite that, the Mavs were able to find a way to stay playoff relevant until the final week of the season. That shows that Dirk and a cast of characters can be a playoff team, but the front office must now make their move and secure more reliable weapons for their star. “We’re trying to accumulate high quality, high character, high energy, high motor, skilled players to put around Dirk Nowitzki,” Mavs coach Rick Carlisle said after the draft. “He’s still one of the greatest players in the game and we’ve got to enhance his ability to do what he does.

“We’ve got to enhance the opportunity to keep him playing as long as possible because he loves to play and he’s great. To do that effectively, we’ve got to get the best guys possible around him. That’s a priority and it’ll continue to be one this summer.”

Now is the time. Let’s look at everything under the free agency microscope.

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Instant Remarks, Part Two

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A tired Donnie Nelson spoke to reporters after the draft. He went into detail on Shane Larkin. He couldn’t go into much detail on Ricky Ledo, the team’s second-round selection as the trade hadn’t been formally completed. He also discussed the reasoning for letting Jared Cunningham go and how the Mavs are prepared for this summer.

Here is Donnie Nelson’s post draft Quoteboard.

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Instant Remarks, Part One

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There were intriguing notes that came shortly after the draft was completed. Speaking to different sources, the Mavs were ready to select any of the point guards out of Trey Burke, CJ McCollum or Michael-Carter Williams if they fell to 13. According to one specific source, the Mavs were ready to trade up into the top 10 if one player they targeted fell one more spot.

Rick Carlisle and Donnie Nelson spoke after the draft.

Here is the quoteboard for Rick Carlisle’s comments to the media.

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Real Talk

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In a surprising move, Dirk Nowitzki spoke prior to the draft on a variety of topics. Here is what he had to say.

Here is Dirk’s pre-draft Quoteboard.

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Miami Vice

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The draft ended up shaking out in a way that the Mavs nearly had their choice of the top level point guards. Minnesota selected Trey Burke and that started a ripple effect which led to the top point guards being taken off the table. When it was time to make the pick, the Mavs selected Kelly Olynyk and ultimately traded his rights to the Boston Celtics.

As part of the deal to obtain the 13th pick, Boston gave Dallas two future second-round picks, both coming in 2014. The Celtics (drafting for the Mavs) selected Lucas Nogueira  <and his fantastic hair>.  If you’re still following, the Mavs then traded Jared Cunningham and the 18th pick from the Atlanta Hawks.

The Mavs ultimately decided that Shane Larkin out of Miami would be their man.

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Draft Tracker

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Today is the first big day of the offseason for the Mavs and the rest of the league. Donnie Nelson had the funny saying, “If my lips are moving I’m lying.” That’s something to keep in mind as the draft approaches.

Social media is a gift and curse. The day of the draft is a gift for social media as you can keep track of everything that is presented. With so many things that can change between now and the actual draft, The Two Man Game will keep you covered leading up to the draft. Consider this a hub of sorts, providing you with the information that is being presented. It will be a stop you can make to stay in the loop with everything if you can’t keep up with the information. Read more of this article »

Historical Musings, Part Two

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As the the draft is three days away, it is still up in the air in regards to what the Mavs will do with the 13th pick. Television play-by-play voice of the Mavs Mark Followill broke down the recent history (and relatively lack of success) in making the 13th selection in the draft. In addition, he posted his results over the  first half of the draft over the last 15 years and displayed the “hit rate” with his designed system. Today. Followill examines the second half of the first round. The research shows you that there might be a surprising spot in the draft that leads to the most success when it comes to finding at worst a rotational player in the draft.


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Historical Musings, Part One

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The greatness of Mark Followill needs to be recognized. Simply put, the TV play-by-play voice of the Dallas Mavericks is one of the best in the league. A major reason for that is his uncanny ability to be a sponge when it comes to information. He can recite information at the drop of the hat. In addition to that, he’s a beast when it comes to doing research.

Part one of this two-part series will break down the success or hit rate on draft picks that are made in the top half of the first round in a draft. Prepare to get your fix of information.

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Trade Takes

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With the draft one week away, the news and rumors will be flying around at a rapid rate. The first real bit of information in terms of speculation has popped up.

During his weekly chat on Wednesday, ESPN NBA Insider Chad Ford was asked a question by a Mavs fan in Houston (man, that must be tough) in regards to what the Mavs might be thinking.

Jo Jo was the questioner. I wonder if they have a friend named K-Ci.

Anyway, Jo Jo asked: Who’s is in play for the Mavs pick (what are you hearing)? Pistons, Cavs, others? What is it going to cost besides taking on Marion?

Chad Ford replied: I’ve also heard the Knicks, Thunder and Cavs. Cost is either a 2014 first rounder or taking back Marion into room. By the way, some teams think that the Mavs may already have a deal as the trade talk has silenced in Dallas the past few days. The Mavs can’t officially announce anything until after they make their draft selection.

Let’s start breaking that bit of information down like a fraction.

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Outside the Box: Feeling a Draft

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This week, The Two Man Game will start looking at what the Mavs could do as another pivotal summer is upon them. Mark Cuban has said there are different ways or “permutations” to ensure the Mavs won’t have a failure of a summer if they are unable to land a big fish acquisition.

Dirk Nowitzki said Cuban is “all-in” on this summer, and committed to bringing the franchise back to where it belongs. There are traditional ways to do that but there are also outside the box ways of doing that. We’ll look at five potential angles the Mavs could work that would be considered outside the box.

The next important event on the docket is the NBA Draft later this month. The Mavs will hold the 13th pick in the draft. They owe the Oklahoma City Thunder a first-round pick before 2018. That pick is protected through the first 20 picks of the draft. But if the Mavericks don’t convey it by 2017, the Thunder gets the pick no matter when it is in the 2018 draft.

To figure out how the pick ended up being owed to Oklahoma City needs a bit of explaining, so here we go:

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