Heard It Through the Grapevine

Posted by Rob Mahoney on December 1, 2009 under xOther | Read the First Comment

  • Jason Kidd on his progressions for that game-winning inbounds pass (via Eddie Sefko): “It’s going to be Dirk or Jet on that play…Jet was wide-open and we have a lot of confidence in him doing the right thing and he did…He was plan A, because I saw he was wide open. Dirk was plan B, C and D after that.”
  • The Oklahoman conducted a poll of active NBA players, asking them which of their peers has the highest basketball IQ. Kobe Bryant, somewhat predictably, received the most votes. But second? Jason Kidd. (via Skeets)
  • A flashback to one of the weirder occurrences I’ve seen on a basketball court: Mike Dunleavy Jr., in a game against the Mavs in 2005, comes within a millimeter of spontaneously combusting.
  • There’s still no disclosure on exactly what went wrong with Erick Dampier.
  • Jeff ‘Skin’ Wade cuts the Mavs a little slack: “Fans, players, especially coaches – nobody likes excuses. But the Mavericks find themselves in the odd position of defending their wins. If you lose a game and talk about the injuries you’re enduring, you get beat up for dropping a lame excuse. But are injuries a good excuse for not winning in a convincing fashion? Case in point – the Mavericks went into the fourth quarter against the 76ers up 78-72 but were already at an 11-board deficit with 12 minutes to go. So what does Carlisle decide to do for the majority of the fourth quarter? Roll with a three-guard lineup and fall back into a 2-3 zone against a big Philly lineup that amplified the mauling of the Mavs on the glass to the tune of 18-6 in the final frame. Is that the ideal scenario the Mavericks front office and coaching staff envisioned heading into the season? Of course not. But that dream scenario wasn’t available with Josh Howard and Quinton Ross in street clothes, Shawn Marion hobbled with a bum ankle that stiffens up on him, Tim Thomas several hours removed from a trip to the chiropractor and Erick Dampier available for limited minutes on his first night back after missing the past two weeks. So the Mavs went small – very small – and survived.”
  • Another look at Samuel Dalembert’s possible last-second slip-up.
  • This tweet from Brandon Jennings has been sitting, tabbed away in my browser for awhile now, waiting for a Grapevine as an excuse to share it: “the best PG i played against so far is Jkidd. like the dude is still good. dude just runs the team.”