Miami Vice

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The draft ended up shaking out in a way that the Mavs nearly had their choice of the top level point guards. Minnesota selected Trey Burke and that started a ripple effect which led to the top point guards being taken off the table. When it was time to make the pick, the Mavs selected Kelly Olynyk and ultimately traded his rights to the Boston Celtics.

As part of the deal to obtain the 13th pick, Boston gave Dallas two future second-round picks, both coming in 2014. The Celtics (drafting for the Mavs) selected Lucas Nogueira  <and his fantastic hair>.  If you’re still following, the Mavs then traded Jared Cunningham and the 18th pick from the Atlanta Hawks.

The Mavs ultimately decided that Shane Larkin out of Miami would be their man.

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Passing Thoughts

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Needless to say, there’s a lot of free time on my hands. I like to think when I have a lot of free time. I like to think when I do not have a lot of free time. With that in mind, I’ve sat and wondered about various subjects revolving around the Mavs. I went ahead and got my fingers working on the keyboard and came up with questions and answers about the Mavs. Here are 10 of the questions and answers now. I will share the other 10 later this week.

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The Rundown, Volume IX

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The Rundown is back. Every Monday, The Rundown will chronicle the week that was for the Mavericks, as well as let you know what is coming up for the boys in blue, with a unique spin. Simply put, it is your Monday catch-up on all things with the Dallas Mavericks.

The roller coaster ride that is the 2012-13 season for the Mavericks continues. After a positive week last week, the tough road trip for the Mavericks found themselves in a rough hole. To say the least, the road hasn’t been kind to them. Television play-by-play voice of the Dallas Mavericks Mark Followill noted that since 12/4, the team has been on eight flights totaling 6,904 miles with seven games in seven different cities. With the week ahead, they now find themselves at a crossroads for their season. I’ll go into more detail about that later in the column, but let’s take a look at the week for that was for Dallas.

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One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

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The departures of Jason Kidd, Jason Terry and Delonte West created a gaping hole in the Mavericks backcourt. While much of the offseason attention has focused on the development of new acquisitions and starting guards Darren Collison and O.J. Mayo, an equally important but under-examined three-way race for backup minutes is already underway. Rookie Jared Cunningham joins familiar and popular holdovers Rodrigue Beaubois and Dominique Jones in the backcourt to compete for playing time. Beaubois clearly won the race in the season opener, anchoring the second unit in an impressive offensive performance against the Lakers. It was a big step forward for the inconsistent young guard. The best-case scenario for the Mavericks is that Beaubois sustains his hot start and provides much-needed offense in Dirk’s absence.

It is important to remember, however, that Beaubois has an unfortunate tendency to follow great performances with games that land him back in Rick Carlisle’s doghouse. Collison and Beaubois slashed a flat-footed Lakers backcourt that never found their rhythm. Future matchups against more athletic opponents may expose defensive weaknesses that have plagued Beaubois throughout his NBA career. That could create opportunities for Cunningham to earn playing time this season, if only because Carlisle has little patience for inconsistency. Carlisle summed up the state of his backcourt nicely after the final preseason game against Charlotte, per Tim MacMahon of ESPN Dallas:

“I have no [expletive] idea. … Our backup point guard position struggled tonight.”

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The Glass is Completely Full

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Depending on how you assess thing, your glass is either half empty or it’s half full. Dirk Nowitzki (the basketball snuggie) has a gimpy knee and that could really dampen the mood for fans or inside the organization, but that isn’t raining on Mark Cuban’s parade. The man who signs the checks has his glass completely full right now when looking at the potential for his new-look Mavericks squad. “I’m excited. I’m fired up about this team,” Cuban said as he was conducting his customary stairmaster interview prior to Wednesday’s preseason game. “It’s energetic, fun and exciting. It’s a new chapter. I’m ready to go.”

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Rank This

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Ed. note: This post doubles as an introduction to a new member of The Two Man Game family, even if Mavs fans are undoubtedly quite familiar with his work already. Bryan Gutierrez is a contributing writer for, and formerly worked the Mavericks beat for Mavs Moneyball. You can follow Bryan on Twitter at @BallinWithBryan.

Ranking teams or players before the real season tips off is a chore that doesn’t really make a lot of sense but it’s great for conversation. Unless you live under a rock, you probably followed’s #NBARank project. We’ll put a wrinkle on it by ranking the Dallas Mavericks’ expected 15-man roster.

The experts who rated each player ranked them in terms of “the current quality of each player.” Here are the rankings for the Mavericks, alongside a notable player for comparison.

#463 – Jared Cunningham – Comparison: Mike Bibby, 472
#447 – Bernard James – Comparison: Hasheem Thabeet, 443
#381 – Dominique Jones – Comparison: Jonny Flynn, 386
#339 – Jae Crowder – Comparison: Kelenna Azubuike, 345

#301 – Dahntay Jones – Comparison: DeShawn Stevenson, 319
#212 – Brandan Wright – Comparison: Drew Gooden, 213
#204 – Roddy Beaubois – Comparison: Corey Brewer, 203
#185 – Vince Carter – Comparison: Richard Jefferson, 181

#159 – Delonte West – Comparison: Jason Kidd, 157
#113 – Chris Kaman – Comparison: Kendrick Perkins, 120
#98 – Darren Collison – Comparison: Jose Calderon, 96

#92 – Shawn Marion – Comparison: Thaddeus Young, 91
#90 – O.J. Mayo – Comparison: Jason Terry, 81
#85 – Elton Brand – Comparison: Taj Gibson, 82
#11 – Dirk Nowitzki – Comparison: Kevin Love, 7’s panel  views the Mavericks in a lone star way as Dirk Nowitzki is the only player ranked inside the top 50. Here at The Two Man Game, we’re down for a discussion or starting another string of debates. Over the next few days, we’ll have player capsules for each Maverick and rank them in terms of projected importance for the team this coming season. It’ll start with the back end of the roster and work our way up to Dirk, whoops, I mean the top of the roster. Here are players 15 to 10.

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Tabled Discussion

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Screen Shot 2012-08-07 at 12.02.18 PM

One of the problems with building in waves — as all NBA teams are forced to do — is that the guidelines for construction can be swept right out from under a team that’s only doing right by logic. What was applicable in June isn’t quite so valid today; it once made perfect sense for Dallas to move down in the draft to select multiple players and pick up a combo guard prospect, but now Jared Cunningham and Jae Crowder are buried in the depth chart, Bernard James is a distant 12th man, and Tyler Zeller (whom Dallas could have selected with their original 17th pick) looks to be one of the more NBA-ready players in this draft class.

The situation has shifted, and yet history has a way of only being recalled in the absolutes afforded to perfect hindsight. Consider this a preemptive strike against that line of thinking, much like the one that was needed when Dallas re-signed Brendan Haywood to a six-year, $55 million deal in the summer of 2010.

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Slight Delays

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Screen Shot 2012-06-29 at 10.57.20 AM

Draft night has come and gone, but the urge to instantly evaluate the Mavericks’ performance remains. That doesn’t make such a review any less impossible, but it certainly adds noise to what should already make for an incredibly chaotic off-season.

If you’re in the minority who can accurately speak to the specifics in the games of Jared Cunningham, Bernard James, and Jae Crowder — much less the even more extreme minority who can feasibly predict how any of the above might pan out against NBA competition — then by all means: chatter away. But if you’re in the other, significantly larger camp, I suggest that you — and we — table our judgment. We have an entire off-season, the full run of summer league, a training camp, a preseason, and a good chunk of regular season competition to go before we can even begin to determine what each new Maverick is capable of — and that’s assuming that James and Crowder stick around to make the roster in the first place.

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