Heard It Through the Grapevine

Posted by Rob Mahoney on June 4, 2010 under xOther | Be the First to Comment

  • Draft profiles will begin next week, all for players that the Mavs may have a shot at taking with the 50th overall pick. As was announced earlier in the week, the 57th pick, which technically belonged to the Mavs, will be sent to the Indiana Pacers as an aftereffect of the Eddie Jones-Shawne Williams trade. Isn’t it just grand when Dallas doesn’t have a first rounder? Still, there are some interesting prospects that could fall, and there will be plenty of content here next week about the ones that could make sense for the Mavs.
  • Jason Terry, expressing his Finals preference on the Colin Cowherd Show: “I had my green-and-white Boston Celtics shorts on last night. Wore them to bed. You know I’m superstitious. … I like Boston.” He also made a mini-pitch for LeBron, and wouldn’t mind having an Andrew Bynum around.
  • In Kelly Dwyer’s epitaph of the Phoenix Suns’ season, he spells out a handfull of reasons why Dirk won’t be riding into Arizona atop a white horse. It’s nothing that hasn’t already been explored, but Dwyer makes everything crystal clear for the few who still think of Phoenix as a possible landing point for Nowitzki.
  • Count Seth Pollack of Bright Side of the Sun among the few, although he argues more that it’s possible that Phoenix could create the space required to land Dirk rather than it being likely. If the Suns can shed Barbosa’s contract for picks, they could use the combination of space and a trade exception to put together some kind of sign-and-trade package for Nowitzki. I agree with Seth in that’s it’s possible, but stand by my original point that it’s a virtual impossibility. Even if Phoenix gains the flexibility needed, I just don’t see Dirk bolting or Mark Cuban letting Dirk bolt.
  • Danny Ferry is resigning as the GM of the Cavaliers; does he know something we don’t about LeBron’s future (or lack thereof) in Cleveland?
  • Mark Cuban on whether there’s any question he won’t answer, in light of his $100,000 fine for his “tampering” comments on LeBron (from 790 The Ticket in Miami, via Sports Radio Interviews): “As long as it doesn’t get me fined by the NBA, I’m usually pretty cool about it. There is no reason to repeat the same mistakes. If you ask me about players prior to July 1, I’m not going to answer. And when I did get fined, that was one of the few times that I didn’t get fined on purpose. They caught me on a weak moment. It was the last question in an hour long interview on technology and business that went into detail. My guard was down. I tried to talk around it, but I didn’t do a good job.”
  • It’s less concerning the Mavs and more concerning professional athletes in general, but Dan Devine’s piece on the mental and physiological effects of pressure situations on athletes is a great read.