Rank Them: Small Forwards

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With five days until free agency begins, it’s time to officially start naming names as ideal targets for free agency. This week, The Two Man Game will go through each position and determine who appears to be ideal fits for the Mavs.

Money is always an issue, but the Mavs will have their share of cap space to work with.

Meshing all the pieces is just as important of a part of deciding on the pieces. The number one option at shooting guard might not be an ideal match with the number one option at small forward. These rankings will be solely on my own projections. A quick blurb from Editor-in-Chief Rob Mahoney’s free agency primer on the SI.com’s Point Forward will be mentioned for each player.

The small forward position represents the strong position for the Mavs in terms of depth. That said, Shawn Marion, Vince Carter and Jae Crowder could easily be moved in a perfect trade comes.

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Thermodynamics: Week 8

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Fire and Ice

Thermodynamics (n.) – the science concerned with the relations between heat and mechanical energy

It’s nearly the holidays, but we don’t take early vacations here at The Two Man Game.

Nor do the Mavericks, although it might have seemed otherwise after they failed to show up in Toronto last Friday night. A blowout loss to the Raptors jump-started a 1-2 week for the Mavs. But it wasn’t all bad.

Week 8 (@Raptors, @Timberwolves, 76ers)


1) Frontcourt Shooting

The Mavs’ frontcourt — particularly Chris Kaman, Shawn Marion, Elton Brand, and Brandan Wright — had a pleasantly efficient week from the floor. In Toronto, those four Mavs combined to shoot 18-of-32 (56%). The next night in Minnesota, they went 19-of-39 (49%). Back home against Philly, Brand sat out with a groin injury while the other three combined to go 21-of-32 (66%). After having not played meaningful fourth-quarter minutes for several games, Kaman was especially productive in the final frame against Philly, notching eight clutch points on 4-of-5 (80%) shooting. Now, if only the Mavs had another efficient frontcourt scorer, one who might be returning to the lineup soon….

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The Difference: Dallas Mavericks 107, Philadelphia 76ers 100

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Box ScorePlay-By-Play – Shot Chart Game Flow

You know the drill. The Difference is a reflection on the game that was, with one bullet for every point in the final margin.

  • You don’t know how much you miss watching great basketball chemistry until it arrives wonderfully on a quiet Tuesday night in December.
  • The Mavericks played enjoyable, solid basketball for the duration of Tuesday night’s game, and that performance translated to a noteworthy win against a decent Sixers team. The Mavs’ offense appeared as well-constructed as it has in a month. The flow of the two-man game between O.J. Mayo (26 points, 8-12 FG, eight assists) and Chris Kaman (20 points, 9-15 FG, seven rebounds) was especially wonderful.
  • An integral factor in the individual successes of Kaman and Mayo was the deftness with which they played off each other’s strengths. As the game progressed to a close, Mayo, upon seeing the defense key towards him, found Kaman several times for open mid-range jumpers. And when he didn’t pass, he smoothly glided to the basket or pulled up for an efficient jumper.
  • Shawn Marion (14 points, 7-11 FG, nine rebounds) helped level the Mavs’ offense in the middle quarters between the peaks of Mayo and Kaman, which compels me to once again note exactly how consistent Marion has been this season when healthy. He’s an offensive and defensive cornerstone on a game-by-game basis, even in the third act of his career.
  • The Sixers’ late-game offense existed in exact juxtaposition to that of the Mavericks. It seemed like nearly every Sixers’ possession that didn’t result in a Dorell Wright three (25 points, 8-18 FG, 7-13 3PT) resulted in a wasted twenty or so seconds, followed by a turnover or contested long-two. They clearly miss Jrue Holiday as a shot creator, though Evan Turner (17 points, 7-16 FG, five assists, four turnovers) and Maalik Wayns (3 points, 1-7 FG, nine assists, zero turnovers) did their best to shoulder the burden.
  • Brandan Wright (5-6 FG, 10 points, six rebounds) continues to score at an unbelievably efficient rate. If he qualified, Wright would currently have the NBA’s second best FG%. He made the most of his 17 minutes, and notably capitalized on opportunities in the fourth quarter when paired with Chris Kaman.
  • As reported by Michael Dugat on Twitter, O.J. Mayo has now led the Mavericks in scoring in 17 of the team’s 25 games. That’s incredible for a player largely thought of as a draft bust only a few months ago. And his game appears to grow and develop as every week passes.