Rumor Mongering: What? Chris Bosh? Where?!

Posted by Rob Mahoney on February 2, 2009 under Rumors | 11 Comments to Read

Everyone’s favorite outspoken, overstated, two-decibels-too-loud analyst, Stephen A. Smith, is reporting that Toronto’s Chris Bosh wants out, and cites the Mavs as being interested in dealing for him.  My response: duh.  Chris Bosh is really, really good.  If his status with the Raptors is indeed dubious, I have no doubt that the Mavs are interested.  But realistically, what do the Mavs have that Toronto would want?  Josh Howard?  Jason Terry?  Dirk?  I’m not sure anything short of ze German would get it done, and that seems like a pretty steep price.

I don’t know what I’m thinking; this is a post about a rumor, not a post about crushing dreams.  So plug it into the trade machine: Dampier and Devean George for Chris Bosh!  Seems fair, right?

Here’s the clip (Bosh talk at the 1:58 mark):

Via Raptors Republic.

UPDATE: Bosh responds to the “rumor” with a “Hahahahahaha NO.”  Not really, but basically.  Here’s the quote, from the Toronto Star (via FanHouse): ” “No. No. No, I haven’t told him that,” Bosh said today after practice. And just to add another layer of denial, he was asked whether his agent could have made the statement. “No,” he said.”

Stephen A. Smith, FTL.

DOUBLE UPDATE: What does that mean exactly?  …Who knows?  It’s a rumor, for gossakes, if you want closure, wait until a trade goes down, or doesn’t, and wait until the summer of 2010 passes.