Heard It Through the Grapevine

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Zach Lowe, SI’s The Point Forward: “To call this Dirk Nowitzki’s ”last ride” is obviously dramatic, but the future of this Mavericks team is uncertain. Jason Kidd is 38 and will be a free agent after next season along with Jason Terry. Tyson Chandler, the anchor of Dallas’ semi-revived defense, is a free agent after this season and plays the same position as Brendan Haywood, to whom Dallas has already committed more than $50 million. Caron Butler will be a free agent, Roddy Beaubois’ development has hit a snag, Shawn Marion is declining and Corey Brewer is at the edge of Rick Carlisle’s rotation. In other words: This team badly needs a playoff run now, especially after going out in the first round in three of the last four seasons.”

Jeff Caplan, ESPN Dallas: “The fact is that Nowitzki, 33, is one of the game’s premier playoff performers — one of four players in history to average 25 points and 10 rebounds — yet he is arguably the most underappreciated player in the game because his teams have failed to convert marvelous regular seasons into postseason parades. ‘I can’t really change peoples’ opinions. I’ll try to win it for me and to kind of top it off with the career that I’ve had. That’s why I’m trying to win it,’ Nowitzki said.’I'm not trying to win to shut anybody up. I’m trying to win for myself and this franchise, which really deserves it; for Cuban, who’s been amazing since he bought it, and for all my teammates. And if I don’t, it just wasn’t meant to be. The only thing that I can tell myself is that I left it all out there. Every summer I tried to get better. I play hurt. I play sick. I try to be out there for my teammates and for my team and ultimately win it all.’”

Sekou Smith, NBA.com: “A veteran NBA advanced scout gave us his breakdown of the two teams, and these are teams that he swears bear a striking resemblance to one another in that they have perimeter big men as their offensive anchors and crafty veteran point guards running the show. ‘The Mavericks definitely will play up and down more than any of Rick Carlisle’s teams in Indiana and even Detroit did in the past,’ he said. ‘Rick has definitely loosened the reigns since then. He’s still a guy that has a lot of sets and runs a lot of things. He lets [Jason] Kidd call his own plays and really lets them go. They run a lot more stuff in early offense. His Indiana teams he would slow them down and call plays, but not with this team. He really does let Kidd do his thing. And with [J.J.] Barea out there with Kidd, you have two ball handlers in the game, if the ball comes out to Barea, they’ll get into their transition game just as easily.’”

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Light Switch

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Video from the Mavs, natch.

Crown Jewel of the Autotune Era

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Video via the greatest in-house entertainment crew on the planet.


Forgotten Dance

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Video via Shaky Ankles.

The Difference: Sloan.

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Just a programming note for now: I attended the M.I.T. Sloan Spots Analytics Conference this weekend in Boston, and didn’t have a chance to catch either of the Mavs’ games this weekend as a result. There won’t be any recap per se, but I’ll be back later tonight or tomorrow with a look at Dallas’ recent performance. Stay frosty.

A Glutton for Gluttony

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Video by your very own Dallas Mavericks.

This is probably worse than a pantry full of chips. Everyone freak out!

Rabbit Stew

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Videos via NiuBBall.

Happy Chinese New Year, from your friendly neighborhood PEAK endorsers.

Mr. Dream

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From the glorious, glorious individuals with the Mavs’ in-house entertainment.


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Video from Get Banged On.

Marion’s leaping ability seems significantly more impressive this season than last. I don’t know if lingering injuries were the cause, but he’s been throwing down some impressive jams of late.

Also, a programming note: apologies for the lack of a recap treatment from the Hawks game; had some cable issues. Recaps return tonight for those of you craving bulleted posts. For those still looking to relive the Mavs’ latest win, I highly recommend you check out Bret LaGree’s recap over at Hoopinion.

You Know the Rules, and So Do I

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Video from the great minds responsible for the Mavs’ in-house entertainment.