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As promised, the bulk of The Two Man Game’s staff has found a new blogging home: Mavs Outsider Report. Follow along to the new blog for continued, quality coverage from Bryan Gutierrez, Kirk Henderson, Ian Levy, David Hopkins, and Travis Wimberly, along with newcomers Brian Faith, Dick Sullivan, and Bobby Karalla.

Gone are the Days

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After nearly five years of Mavs coverage and general esoterica, The Two Man Game is closing its doors. This is not a decision made lightly, but also not one of much functional consequence; the writers you’ve enjoyed reading here over the past year will simply be transitioning into a new space, the particulars of which are forthcoming.

But I’m afraid that today concludes the use of this particular blog, and thereby marks the end of my involvement as editor-in-chief. I’ve already said my goodbyes once, so I’ll spare you the self-indulgent bit. But I’d be remiss not to thank Bryan Gutierrez, Kirk Henderson, Ian Levy, David Hopkins, Travis Wimberly, Brian Rubaie, Connor Huchton, and our cast of spot contributors for filling this blog with their writing over the past year. Additionally, I’m indebted to Henry Abbott, Kevin Arnovitz, and the many friends of the blog in the TrueHoop Network for their support, as well as to all of those around the NBA blogosphere who helped make this site what it was through their advice, links, and readership.

Moreover: Thank you all for stopping by for however long and however often. It’s been a privilege to take part in covering the Mavs for five fascinating seasons, and I’m incredibly grateful that so many of you chose to spend that time with us here at The Two Man Game.

More to come on the rest of the staff’s new digs, but for now we turn out the lights.

All the best,
Rob Mahoney

Dirk Interested in International Return?

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Land Ho

Sometimes it’s obvious how much Dirk Nowitzki loves the game of basketball. Despite three full NBA seasons until the 2016 Olympics, Dirk has left the door open for his return to the German national team, telling’s Mark Stein, ”If I’m still healthy enough and we have a chance to qualify, then I’d consider it.”

The German national team failed to get out of group play in this year’s Eurobasket, fielding a young team without NBA players Chris Kaman, Dirk, and recent Atlanta Hawks draftee Dennis Schroeder. The team did, however, beat heavily favored France and beat the Israeli national team (playing without Gal Mekel) to keep them from advancing as well. Nowitzki told Stein that, “the boys looked great in that France game. They had great phases and rough stretches after that, but it was hard for a young team to come back after an emotional win and play at a high level. That’s normal for a young team.”

Nowitzki leaving the door open also bodes well for his current thoughts about his NBA career. Though it’s widely assumed Dirk plays at least three more years, that he’d consider rejoining the German team years from now speaks well of how he feels about his current abilities. After two frustrating seasons limited by injuries, Nowitzki had been rather vague about how he felt about playing past his current contract. The young German team, a retooled Maverick squad, and entering the 2013 season healthy means there’s hope on the horizon for Dirk’s basketball career.

Kirk is a member of the Two Man Game family. Follow him on Twitter @KirkSeriousFace for ranting about Dallas basketball, TV, movies, video games, and his dog

Set the Date

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As we are eyeballing the basketball hibernation period, good news came as the Mavs’ 2013-2014 schedule was announced on Tuesday evening. If you still haven’t seen it, you can check it out here.

Fans of the Mavs are starving for basketball as last season broke a streak of 12 consecutive playoff appearances (2001-2012) for the team. The streak was the longest in franchise history and the second-longest in the NBA (San Antonio made its 16th straight trip to the postseason last season). The Denver Nuggets, who made their 10th consecutive postseason appearance in 2013 (2004-2013), now own the second-longest active playoff streak.

One of my favorite things to do is read the schedule and analyze it. An even better thing to do is get a smarter person’s analysis of the schedule. Enter: Television play-by-play voice of the Mavs Mark Followill.

When it comes to preparation and analysis, it’s hard to find many better than Followill.

With that in mind, enjoy his thoughts and insight when it comes to breaking down the new schedule.

Cue the Intelligent Mark Followill!

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Answer the Call

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Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 2.51.29 PM

UPDATE: This listing is now closed. Thank you to all those who applied.

Another offseason brings another chance to expand our staff. We here at The Two Man Game are again looking to beef up our operation, this time by adding an additional recap writer to our growing legion. Whether you’re a long-time reader or seeing this site for the first time, you’re welcome to apply for the position. All that really matters is the following:

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Bernard James Clears Waivers, Mavs to Resign

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In a suprising bit of news, former Maverick Bernard James slipped all the way through waivers, meaning no other team picked up his contract, and will be resigned by the Mavericks. This bit of news courtesy of Marc Stein, once again: Read more of this article »

Mavericks Waive Guard Josh Akognon

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So Long

Earlier today ESPN’s Marc Stein took to twitter to announce that the Mavericks have waived guard Josh Akognon Read more of this article »

Mavericks Cut Center Bernard James

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Happy Trails
In the wake of signing center Samuel Dalembert, the Dallas Mavericks have been forced to cut Bernard James. More from Mark Stein

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Men in the Middle

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After having a meeting with Dallas last week, Andrew Bynum decided to join the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Mavs decided that Bynum’s situation was not worth pursuing any further. After much discussion, Dallas decided to make Samuel Dalembert their new starting center.’s Marc Stein first reported that Dallas was closing in a deal to make Dalembert the team’s new starting center.

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports reported that the deal is a two-year, $7.5 million deal with Dallas.

Dalembert’s contract for 14-15 is partially guaranteed.

That means he is the next center from the recent crop of Dallas centers: Erick Dampier, Brendan Haywood, Tyson Chandler and Chris Kaman.

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Monday Roundup

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It was a slow day of news for Dallas, as the Summer League roster had the day off and free agency proceeds with all deliberate speed. The Mavericks will meet with Greg Oden in Vegas at some point this week and Elton Brand signed a one year deal with the Atlanta Hawks. The Oden report courtesy of ESPN’s Marc Stein Read more of this article »