Gone are the Days

Posted by Rob Mahoney on October 9, 2013 under News | 7 Comments to Read


After nearly five years of Mavs coverage and general esoterica, The Two Man Game is closing its doors. This is not a decision made lightly, but also not one of much functional consequence; the writers you’ve enjoyed reading here over the past year will simply be transitioning into a new space, the particulars of which are forthcoming.

But I’m afraid that today concludes the use of this particular blog, and thereby marks the end of my involvement as editor-in-chief. I’ve already said my goodbyes once, so I’ll spare you the self-indulgent bit. But I’d be remiss not to thank Bryan Gutierrez, Kirk Henderson, Ian Levy, David Hopkins, Travis Wimberly, Brian Rubaie, Connor Huchton, and our cast of spot contributors for filling this blog with their writing over the past year. Additionally, I’m indebted to Henry Abbott, Kevin Arnovitz, and the many friends of the blog in the TrueHoop Network for their support, as well as to all of those around the NBA blogosphere who helped make this site what it was through their advice, links, and readership.

Moreover: Thank you all for stopping by for however long and however often. It’s been a privilege to take part in covering the Mavs for five fascinating seasons, and I’m incredibly grateful that so many of you chose to spend that time with us here at The Two Man Game.

More to come on the rest of the staff’s new digs, but for now we turn out the lights.

All the best,
Rob Mahoney

  • beachdrifter

    “After nearly five years of Mavs coverage and general esoterica, The Two Man Game is closing its doors.”


  • Jacob C

    Worst day ever

  • Bryan Young

    I’ve been reading this site for years, I even bought your book (@Rob) on the Mav’s Championship!! I’m sad to see the site close but hope every writer here finds someplace good to go and that we are able to get another Mavericks blog that might come close to doing this one justice. Thanks for all the articles and good luck in all your endeavors!

  • Astans

    Thanks for the good work. I will miss thet women game. ;)

    • Luzce

      So I’m not the only one that read it that way every single time I came to this site…

  • Tjlongjr23

    So, Rob , at what site will you continue to cover Mavs basketball…?

  • Bryan

    Say it aint so, Rob. Will you be doing Mavs coverage elsewhere?