Mavericks Have It All

Posted by Kirk Henderson on July 12, 2013 under News | 3 Comments to Read

Mixed Signals
Well… this is apparently happening.

I’m not sure what to make of this. Donnie Nelson had this to say two days ago to TMG’s own Bryan Gutierrez

The back court when from full to bursting at the seams. I’m sure there’s a larger plan behind this; a big reason Dallas wasn’t able to land Dwight was  the lack of help surrounding Dirk Nowitzki. They also had nothing to offer in terms of trade assets.

But right now? This doesn’t look good. In fact, it looks absurd. The team as constructed has one center in Bernard James, three forwards in Dirk Nowitzki, Shawn Marion, and Jae Crowder (four if you count Vince Carter) and a ton of guards. I’m all for positionless basketball, but this team won’t be able to guard an immobile object.  With the deal yet to be announced it’s looking like there might be some sort of sign and trade involving Samuel Dalembert and O.J. Mayo, since Dallas doesn’t have the space to make the move as it’s being reported. We will update as we get more.

A strange off season continues to get stranger.

UPDATED: 3:55pm Eastern

Marc Stein is now reporting the deal is 3 years, $25 million with some incentives that could push the deal t0 $30. He doesn’t explain why this happened, because Dallas now has all of the guards. Well, not Mo Williams. Yet.

*The headline is in reference to a Monta interview where he once said “Monta have it all”. It’s a frequently used “The Basketball Jones” drop

Be sure to check out TMG’s Bryan Gutierrez as he contributes to ESPN Dallas during LSVL.

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  • Mavs88

    Let’s all just relax and realize this may be a sign and trade. Dalembert also played last for Milwaukee. There could be a swap here and Milwaukee is loaded with frontcourt talent right now and signed Pachulia too.

  • drunkenjunk

    I want to cry.

  • Matt Hulme

    This had BETTER be a sign and trade.

    Seriously, if we start the year with Ellis and trade Larkin, I might lose my s***. Hey, let’s sign the worst volume shooter in the NBA to a multi-year deal and trade away the future.

    The guy will jack up more contested 22-footers in a half than Dirk will shoot total in a game. Please, Cubes, if you have any dignity left, please let this be just part of a larger deal involving Ellis moving on to the Bobcats or wherethehellever else.