Aim Small, Miss Small

Posted by Kirk Henderson on July 12, 2013 under News | Be the First to Comment

Just Missed

A Thursday afternoon report from the San Francisco Chronicle about the pursuit and signing of Andre Igoudala had a Dallas related after thought that went unnoticed by many until this morning.

Iguodala wanted to be a Warrior. He reached out to Mark Jackson when the 76ers had coaching openings in 2008, 2009 and 2010, and he has researched the “life-after-basketball” opportunities that exist in Silicon Valley.

To get here, he turned down a four-year, $52 million deal that Sacramento offered July 2 and then pulled, a five-year, $60 million front-loaded deal that Denver had on the table throughout the process, and a lucrative deal with Dallas that Iguodala almost signed an hour before the Warriors were able to create the necessary cap space to offer him four years and $48 million.

In terms of timing, this deal being proposed at all does not fit with the narrative to come out of Dallas surrounding the Maverick pursuit of Dwight Howard. However, that it was mere minutes away from happening is another disappointing story from an off season that, to date, has been underwhelming at best.

From a basketball perspective, this deal doesn’t make much sense. Igoudala replicates a number of the same functions that Shawn Marion does. While one could envision a small ball front court featuring Dirk, Marion, and Iggy, that line up is better served for NBA 2K13 than an actual basketball game.

Striking out on Howard, not offering Andre Bynum a deal, waiting on Greg Oden, and now hearing about a failed Igoudala deal, this has been an off season of small misses. The plan was in place, and even now it’s hard to argue with its merits, that plan simply didn’t pay off.

Where Dallas goes from here bears watching closely. It’s not wise to write off any team with Dirk Nowitzki, but the hope of a Dallas playoff team means a number of things need to start going right for the guys in blue.

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