Risk Aversion

Posted by Bryan Gutierrez on May 28, 2013 under Commentary | Be the First to Comment


A safe way to go through life is avoiding risks. You can’t lose when you don’t take a chance. But you can’t win much either.

That’s a way of life that many people go through as some can’t take losing or the realities of losing. Many fans were heartbroken last summer after going through the drama with Deron Williams only to find out that he was going to stay with the Brooklyn Nets, spurning the Mavs and the opportunity to play with Dirk Nowitzki. A new year of free agency is upon us and the Mavs will once again try to swing for the fences as they pursue Dwight Howard and Chris Paul.

Many fans start wincing at the idea of the Mavs trying to pursue these big fish, remembering the feelings they endured through the entire process last year. (First off, you probably should avoid getting on the roller coaster in the first place.)

Anyways, some are saying that the Mavs are running uphill and chasing something that is not obtainable by trying to lure Howard or Paul to Dallas. There are certainly roadblocks that get in the way of Dallas’ pursuit of those two superstars. Yes, both guys would have to sacrifice money and a year off a contract to come to Dallas. The odds are ridiculously slim for the Mavs.

The odds are slim enough to where fans don’t want the Mavs to continue these pursuits or they refuse to believe the Mavs actually have a chance, essentially refusing to get near the hot stove. That’s definitely not the mindset the Mavs should operate under. They need to continue making their pursuits for these players, no matter how minuscule the odds may be.

Dallas isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel as they’re trying to do something that every team is trying to do, improve their team and bring more support to their star. The problem people might have is that the team’s pursuits out in the open for the media to report on. That’s just going to be the case when you have Mark Cuban as the owner of the team. When it’s possible, he’s going to be out there and be accessible for the fans and be as open as he can be about the approach the team has with free agency and other avenues. That may or may not be a good thing, but it’s still a thing.

With cap space for the second year in a row, Dallas easily could go 0-for-2 as they step up to the plate and try to acquire a superstar. They’re not going to let one or two bad instances alter their thought process. It is somewhat of a risk by putting themselves out there and coming up empty.

Yes, they’re risks they’re taking, but they’re risks they simply have to take. It all goes back to the old saying, the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward.

Bryan Gutierrez writes about sportsmen. He also attended Ball So Hard University, studying ideologies of Clark Kent. You can follow him on Twitter @BallinWithBryan.