Quoteboard: Dallas Mavericks 123, Sacramento Kings 100

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It turned out to be a historic night as the Dallas Mavericks recorded a 123-100 victory over the Sacramento Kings. Vince Carter made a season-high six 3-pointers against the Kings on Wednesday (he shot 6-of-9 from long range). His previous high triple total this season was five on two occasions. Carter’s fourth trey of the game at the 1:08 mark of the third quarter was the 1,600th 3-pointer of his career. He became the 11th player in NBA history with at least 1,600 career triples. His fifth trey at the 27.9-second mark of the third was his 100th three of the season.

With his sixth triple at the 2.9-second mark of the third quarter, he passed Larry Bird (21,791) for 29th place on the NBA’s all-time scoring list. The 3-point basket gave him 21,794 points for his career. Carter went 3-for-3 from deep to the end the third quarter and scored Dallas’ final nine points of the period. Carter scored 26 points against Sacramento and now has 21,796 career points. Gary Payton ranks 28th all-time with 21,813 career points.

Carter went 6-of-9 from beyond the arc en route to 26 points in 23 minutes. It was his sixth 20-point effort of the season (4-2 record). It was also his third game with 25-plus points and his ninth game with four-plus 3-pointers this season. Carter exploded in the third quarter as he scored 17 points on 6-of-9 shooting (5-of-9 from long range) in only 6:33 of action.

Some notes before the quotes:

- With an offensive rebound at the 10:51 mark of the second quarter, Dirk Nowitzki passed Mark Aguirre (1,259) for second place on the Mavericks’ all-time offensive rebounding list. James Donaldson is Dallas’ all-time leader with 1,296 offensive boards.

- The Mavericks recorded their 18th consecutive win against the Kings in Dallas. It’s the Mavericks’ longest ever home winning streak against one opponent.

- Darren Collison record 12 points and seven assists in 18 first-half minutes. His first assist of the second half (eighth of the game) was the 1,400th assist of his career. Collison finished with 18 points, four rebounds and nine assists in 29 minutes.

Here is the quoteboard for Dallas’ victory over Sacramento.

Keith Swea…Keith Smart

On the game: “Dallas played a great game and won the game. We had a stretch where we played good basketball. Obviously Vince Carter getting hot and made a bunch of plays and three point shots. Then it started raining. Once you start making threes, everyone starts making them. You can’t compensate or catch up with twos or missed layups. I thought our guys got it to seven, did an excellent job of trying to get it to seven, and now we have to understand where we are in the game. We’ve gotten the game a little bit back on our side to seven points, and from the seven points, you don’t need anything quick, but that’s still a learning process for our team’.

On the transition defense: “[Darren] Collison does an excellent job of flying down the floor and getting to the rim. He’s not pulling up looking for a three, he’s not pulling up at the free throw line, he’s getting to the rim and forcing you to make a decision. If you make a decision late, he’s in the paint to score. If you come over too soon, he’s going to find the open guy, and obviously they did a good job of making the shots.

Rick Carlisle

On tonight’s game: “We did better with turnovers for most of the game; it got scraggly at the end. We really believed coming into this game that the most important thing was ball security and taking care of it because when these guys get their hands on balls and they get out in transition, they’re lethal. We only had two turnovers in the first half which helped us get a 15-point lead. Third quarter was kind of rough, but we hung in and were basically able to tie the quarter at the end which was good. The fourth was a better one. They’re a tired team and we took advantage of it so that was good.”

On the play of Vince Carter this season: “Vince has had a tremendous year. He’s such an important guy for us. He’s doing a lot of things in a lot of areas – and it’s not just the shot making and the play-making, he’s doing a lot of things defensively and rebounding that we don’t talk much about because some of the spectacular things he does are at the other end. Him, Dirk, Marion, those guys are irreplaceable for us as far as the way our team is structured right now. I was glad all three of them played well. We got a good run and now they can go into the break, get a little bit of rest and do what they need to do coming out.”

On Vince Carter passing Larry Bird on the all-time scoring list: “It speaks to how he’s taken care of himself and longevity; you don’t pass Larry Bird on the scoring list unless you’ve been in it a long time. What is this, his 15th year? It’s remarkably, really. What we’re seeing now in sport is we’re seeing guys play more into their deep 30s because guys eat better, they take care of themselves better, the lifestyle has improved because of private planes and things like that. If guys take care of themselves and have ability and work at it, they can stay in this a long time. Vince has got a really good situation here with our team, and we’ve got a really good situation having him here. We needed a guy who could be a scorer, playmaker off the bench with [Jason Terry] being gone. Vince early on was talking about filling that void before any of us even brought it up. It’s really been a good situation and my job is going to be to make sure that we’re playing him the right stretches of minutes, not wearing him out.”

On his focus with the All-Star break now upon him: “My focus will be getting the hell out of here. I’ll be back Sunday.”

On the play of Darren Collison: “Our tempo is really important to us and our point guards have to be the ones making it happen. He’s been pushing the ball all year. When he gets that head of steam and is able to get to the rim, he gets there as quick as most guys in the league. …He’s an improved player and he’s improving game by game.”

On the importance of Vince Carter: “It’d be hard to tell you how important he is to our team. It’s so important. …He’s still a special player.”

Shawn Marion

On Vince Carter’s performance in the third quarter: “I just wanted to get it to him. Let that thing fly. When you’re feeling it like that, let it fly!”

On Carter passing Larry Bird: “Real talk, it’s like every night one of our old guys is breaking a record. We’ve been playing a lot of games. It seems like every game somebody is doing something.”

Darren Collison

On Vince Carter’s performance: “It’s a beauty to watch. It’s just an honor to be on this team.”

On trade rumors: “I can’t predict the future so I can’t really comment on the trade rumors out there…All I can do is play my game. I don’t even know what rumor is out there. All I know is that we’re going on this break, we’re going to have a good time on this break and we’re going to play Orlando when we get off this break.”

On what has led to his improved play: “I just think coach is doing a good job of just letting me play. I’m going out there and playing my game. My teammates are supporting me. They’ve been in my ear since day one. …I’m just taking advantage of what the defense is giving me.”

O.J. Mayo

On coach Carlisle’s comment during the team’s shootaround: “I’m down with coach all day long. He just wants what best for us and the team, obviously. It’s OK to be hard on your guys when you want what’s best out for the team and the best out of the players. I’m down with him.”

Dirk Nowitzki

On Vince Carter: “He’s been great ever since he got here. He’s accepted the role off the bench and given us that scoring off the bench that JET always gave us over the years. He’s been phenomenal all year.”

On his All-Star break: “I’m not going to work out basketball wise. …I’m not going to touch the ball for four days.”

On how difficult the road will be in order to make it to the 8th seed: “It’s tough. Looking at it now, there’s been so many close games that are going to come back and haunt us.”

Vince Carter

On his hot run in the third quarter: “I don’t really know how to explain it. You hit a few and there’s just open opportunities. They were open shots and we were in transition. I was shooting to make them, not shooting them just to get attempts up. Once I hit the first two, it was on from there. I felt like I could shoot all day.”

On passing Larry Bird: “When you’re around long enough you’re going to pass a few people if you’re scoring. I’ve talked with Larry before. I have much respect for him. He’s a legend. To pass one of the greatest to play the game, that’s a great feeling.”

His thought as the third quarter was coming to an end: “I was wishing the quarter wouldn’t end.”

On his mindset as he has been a leader off the bench: “I want to make plays for the team and whatever that entails I’m going to do. …I’m just trying to bring the energy with that second unit.”

On if he could make a late push for the 3-point shootout this weekend: “Man, if it was tonight, it would have been great!”

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