The Difference: Dallas Mavericks 119, Sacramento Kings 96

Posted by Connor Huchton on December 11, 2012 under Recaps | 2 Comments to Read

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You know the drill. The Difference is a reflection on the game that was, with one bullet for every point in the final margin.

  • Tonight’s proceedings encapsulated the definition of an easy win, as the game had fallen out of true contention by the second quarter. The victory continued the Mavericks’ recent run of success, and nothing alleviates a troubling, losing slide quite like an enjoyable, well-played three-game win streak.
  • It would be nearly impossible for me to say 23 unique things about tonight’s solid Mavericks’ victory over a dismal Kings’ team, so I’m going to try something else. I’m going to tell a story, and you can decide how it fits into the narrative of a game that saw the Mavericks casually dominate and continue their return to competent form.
  • Some of the fictional tale may hold metaphorical weight, and other parts not at all. The story begins with the next sentence.
  • It is thought that no one had ever climbed the mountain.
  • That is, before they did, on the 10th of December, as the snow fell and the winds screamed.
  • None of them were alone on this journey. They had set out, thirteen total, in the hopes of conquering the summit.
  • Each had different reasons for their climb.
  • One did it for the respect such a traversal would garner.
  • One hoped for the opportunity to someday climb higher mountains.
  • One believed it might be the last chance he would ever have to accomplish such a feat.
  • And one just climbed because it kept him looking forward and upwards, far into the sky.
  • Of course, they had no true leader, not for this climb. Even a great man could not truly possess that quality each had known in their de facto leader, a man of many years and wisdom and smiles.
  • Their leader could not come with them on this journey. But at the base of the mountain, he watched and waited for the time in which he could again join his fellow travelers.
  • The climb held few surprises. It was cold and unblinking, full of ledges and cracks and other mountainous attributes. A mountain is a mountain, no matter how small.
  • One of the group, a man by the name of Roric, could be heard to occasionally say, “Why is it snowing?”
  • No one really understood why he had to bring that up now.
  • On the sixth day of ascension, a rock fell from above the group’s path. The limestone incarnation zoomed loudly towards the squad. Together, they comfortably dodged its path as it went hurtling down the slope below them.
  • “Good thing we didn’t just get hit by a rock!” Roric said.
  • “This Roric guy,” they said.
  • Soon they reached the summit, and breathed the deep breath that only satisfaction and contentedness brings.
  • They had made it, in unspectacular fashion and under little duress. But they had climbed all the same.
  • As they turned to return home, one of the group noticed what appeared to be a > symbol and a few numbers carved nebulously in the snow. Some believed it read “.500″, but none prescribed any real meaning to the message.
  • Well, Roric probably did.
  • gopstar

    haha nice try. refreshing :) keep it comming.

  • Philly

    What the hell was that? Not refreshing! Some analysis of the game, perhaps? That’s what I come here for, not bad creative writing.