The Difference: Dallas Mavericks 83, Indiana Pacers 103

Posted by Kirk Henderson on November 16, 2012 under Recaps | Be the First to Comment



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You know the drill. The Difference is a reflection on the game that was, with one bullet for every point in the final margin.

  • Dallas has lost five games. In four of those five losses they were leading at half time. I do not know what this means. I do not know how to correct it other than to say “hit shots”.  Someone on the TMG staff should look into this phenomenon because it has plagued the Dallas offense heading back into last season.
  • O.J. Mayo (19 points, 3 rebounds, 3 assists) has a way of disappearing for huge stretches of time. Yes, he scored 19 points, but 11 of those 19 points came in the first fifteen minutes of game action. Expecting him to score 40 is unreasonable, but he can affect the game in other ways when he chooses to assert himself. Tonight, he looked like the player others have accused him of being.
  • Chris Kaman (8 points, 10 rebounds) needs to slow down.  He shot 4 of 12 from the field tonight and at least 3 of his 4 makes came within the flow of the offense. He insisted on trying to take the taller Roy Hibbert one on one  for the remainder of his attempts and most of them were simply awful decisions.
  • I don’t know what to make of Elton Brand’s (7 points, 4 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 blocks) continued struggles offensively.  I believe his shot was blocked three times tonight.  I assumed the Pacers’ length would give Dallas trouble, but Brand is a crafty player.  His field goal percentage is a very Odom-like 36.8% for the year. I appreciate how he manages to contribute in other ways, but Dallas really needs him to be more of a threat offensively.
  • The two former Clippers combined to shoot 7 for 20 with one free throw attempted between them.
  • Bernard “Sarge” James played his best game as a pro, with 9 points, 7 rebounds, and 2 blocks in 16 minutes.
  • Roddy Beaubois is 4-22 from the field since returning from his ankle sprain.
  • Darren Collision (10 points, 4 assists, 2 rebounds) played one of his worst games as a Mav while hoping to play his best.  Perhaps calling it “his worst” game is embracing a hyperbole, but Collison played quite poorly, posting a +/- of negative 19, the worst on the Dallas roster.
  • Shawn Marion (2 points, 7 rebounds, 2 assists) started tonight. He looked rusty, but he was also covering ground well and didn’t seem to be in any pain.  That bodes well for the future.
  • Carlisle opted to start Mayo on Paul George to start the game, an odd decision considering Mayo is still learning how to play defense and Shawn Marion was available. Marion started the second half on George, but I remain confused by the assignment. If Carlisle was concerned at all for Marion, he should not have played him. With respect to Mayo, I’ll take a one legged Shawn Marion on defense over most of the Dallas roster.
  • Paul George (11 points, 5 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 steals) will be incredibly dangerous should he ever put it all together on a consistent basis.  He lit Dallas on fire last year, scoring 30 the only time the two teams matched up.  He’s taller than his listed height and is still clearly learning the game.  In an age when we’re spoiled by wings like Durant and Lebron, its important to keep an eye on a guy like George. He entered the league young and might not find his game for a few more years. If he does, he will be a devastating player.
  • I miss Ian Mahinmi (7 points, 4 fouls). Remember this?
  • Dallas lost tonight despite not turning the ball over too much (11 times) and keeping the rebounding margin within a reasonable amount.  Most of the offensive turnovers happened in the fourth quarter when the game was out of hand.  As Bryan was talking about tonight on twitter, that Dallas lost despite this is maddening.
  • The shooting once again was a major culprit (Dallas shot 37% from the floor).  It has to be a healthy mix of bad luck and poor shot selection as the shot chart would indicate there were a lot of long two point shots from everyone.
  • Carlisle opted to go zone when Paul George picked up his 4th foul and the Pacers responded by expanding their slim lead in a hurry. The Pacer ball movement was shockingly good, considering their offensive struggles this year.  Considering that the Pacers were dead last in the league in field goal percentage, they were bound to break out of their slump at some point. It figures it would be against Dallas.
  • Former Mav Gerald Green has found a home in Indiana, and he looked solid tonight.  His talent is so obvious (at one point tonight he hit a turn around and-one over Roddy that looked to be out of a video game) I’m glad he finally found a place to play.
  • 33, 35, 40, 43, and 34.  Those are the second half point totals from Dallas in the five losses.
  • The decision to go with Troy Murphy over Brandan Wright probably vexes a lot of casual fans.  To some degree it does me as well, yet in the first half it was obvious why Wright saw so little action.  In his two minutes of playing time he picked up two fouls simply because his match up exploited his general lack of strength. In the fourth quarter, while Wright was playing, Dallas surrendered 5 offensive boards. This isn’t the sort of stat the coaching staff can ignore, even if its not entirely his fault.
  • On the flip side, Lance Stephenson and Sam Young shot a combined 11-20 for 29 points for Indiana. That sort of role player contribution is hard to over come.
  • The Mavericks are asking too much of Vince Carter. His play has declined as the season has wore along because opposing teams key in on the fact that he’s the only Mav capable of attacking the bucket with regularity. This is frustrating because its not entirely true, as Mayo and Collison are both capable, but don’t seem to want to force the issue the way Vince is willing to. Vince is at his best as a spot up shooter and attacking weaker, second string small forwards and shooting guards. I expect him to find his groove again upon Dirk’s return.

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