Quoteboard: Dallas Mavericks 87, New Orleans Hornets 74

Posted by Bryan Gutierrez on October 23, 2012 under Interviews | Be the First to Comment


It was an open and shut case as the Mavericks began the game on a 13-2 run and never trailed at any point en route to a 87-74 preseason victory over the New Orleans Hornets. With the win, the Mavericks moved to 3-3 for the preseason. Efficiency was a point of emphasis by coach Rick Carlisle leading up to the game. The Mavericks answered the challenge by recording a preseason-low 10 turnovers (Don’t mind the 36.0 percent shooting from the floor). Their previous low was 13 at F.C. Barcelona Regal on 10/9.

The starting forwards were huge for the Mavericks. Forward Shawn Marion recorded eight points to go along with a preseason-high 12 rebounds, two assists, two steals and one block in 28 minutes. Jae Crowder extended his double-figure scoring streak to four games with 12 points, four rebounds, a preseason-high four assists, one steal and one block in 30 minutes. Vince Carter continued to be effective off the bench as he tallied 11 points and seven boards off of the Mavericks’ bench. He has now scored in double figures in four straight games and five of the Mavericks’ first six preseason contests.

I could do an adequate job of recapping the game, but I’ll let the guys who coached and or played in the game handle the responsibilities of talking about it. Here is your quoteboard for the game against the Hornets.

Rick Carlisle:

- Summing up the game:

“Without looking at the whole film I would say it was more positive than negative. The rebounding was an issue tonight—a lot of it had to do with their length and some of it had to do with our positioning. So we just have to continue to study that and it’s going to be a continuing area of focus.”

- On Roddy Beaubois’ performance:

“Just looking at it physically, I thought all things considered he did a solid job out there. He got tired a couple of times, just got gassed when he went in because he hasn’t had the same kind of reps and conditioning the other guys have had. He did some good things and it’s a game we can build on.”

- On Jae Crowder playing extended minutes:

“He is going to play the same way no matter what. He will play the same way whether he is starting or playing 30 seconds or one possession. That’s one of the things we love about him. He’s a winning kind of player. He is into the game and affects it in a lot of positive ways. He made two plays when the game started to get a little close. He laid the ball in a couple of times and those were big plays.”

- On the team’s shooting ability:

“We are shooting the ball well. We were shooting 46 or 47 [percent] coming in. It was really the turnovers which were more of a concern. We got a lot of good shots tonight. We had four shots blocked in the first quarter, maybe in the first six or seven minutes. There was one other that was changed a lot. It may as well have been a block. We adjusted to that. If you put four more made shots on there this wouldn’t look as bad. Those are adjustments we have to make and being a little smaller right now, we are going to have read those situations from the start of the game.”

Roddy Beaubois:

- On if he’s fully healthy:

“Getting closer. I can’t tell you exactly how much but getting closer.”

- Evaluating where he’s at during the preseason:

“I just try to work hard and get better every day in practice and just try to help my team to win. And know they trust me so I just have to get back in shape and be ready to help win games. Every time I play as a point guard I’m getting better so I just need to get used to it, keep working and get better.”

Jae Crowder:

- On playing extended minutes:

I felt pretty good. I didn’t know what to expect coming into it. I just played within the flow of the game and it felt pretty good.

- On playing more at the power forward position:

“I’m getting dragged in different directions, but I’m learning both and learning a lot of different positions. I think in due time…I’ll be better.”

- Working alongside Shawn Marion:

He helps me out a lot. I think that helps me feel more comfortable and that helps me and him play off each other because we know what to expect. It’s a good combination.

Shawn Marion:

- The rebounding situation versus the Hornets:

“They were towering over us, but we held our ground.”

- Finding out the actual rebounding disparity:

“What? Was it really? Oh my God! Man, they slaughtered us on the boards. They’re big….You’re going to have to give up something. I guess we chose to give up that. Ooof.”

Elton Brand:

- On how things change without Dirk and Kaman in the mix:

“It changes a lot. I was expecting to spell Dirk and come in for Kaman. We would have a seven footer out there, one who could shoot and another that could post up. Now I’m with a bunch of wings, but we’re going to find a way to do it. We’re going to find a way to hold the fort down. It’s fun.”

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