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Posted by Rob Mahoney on October 8, 2012 under News | 3 Comments to Read

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UPDATE: This job posting has been closed; many thanks to all that applied.

With the commencement of the exhibition schedule, the long dormant basketball season has met a welcome alarm. Actual, meaningful NBA games will be played before we know it, and this blog will be back up at regular season speed.

There’s just one tiny problem. Beginning this season, I’ll no longer be contributing to this blog as a writer. That leaves a bit of a void; in taking on a purely editorial role, I’ll soon cede this stage to a writing cast that’s yet to be fully determined. We already have a few contributors in the works, but this site is very much in need of basketball scribes who are able to contribute regularly and are interested in covering the Dallas Mavericks.

If you meet both of those vague criteria, then you could be just what I’m looking for. If you don’t quite fit but know somehow who might, then please, pass this message along. We’re looking for proven basketball writers, relative newcomers, would-be analysts, hoops-obsessed essayists, and budding statisticians. Don’t be deterred from applying based on some minor factor; It’s a simple enough application process for a simple enough gig, and all are welcome to make their case.

All that’s needed from prospective applicants is an email to thetwomangame[at], complete with the following:

  1. Some information about yourself, your background, and your writing experience.
  2. Some explanation of your weekday schedule. Do you have a full-time job? Are you a student? How often would you be able and willing to write?
  3. A few writing samples that you feel are indicative of your ability and style. If you don’t have any NBA-specific writing experience, feel free to put together some thoughts on a Mavs-related topic of choice.

Note: These positions will be unpaid. If that’s a deal-breaker for you, then no hard feelings. But otherwise, this platform can still be incredibly useful to up-and-coming writers looking to break onto the NBA scene or reinforce their brand.

There is currently no deadline for applications, but keep in mind that once this void is filled, that’s that; the search could theoretically wrap at any time, so be sure to submit your emails as soon as possible.

I’m looking forward to filling out this staff, and better yet: to meet those who will hopefully come to define the next era of this blog’s life.

  • Sean Heath

    I might have an interesting POV based on my actual POV. My obsession should be my profession.

    On a completely related note, kudos on the new opportunity, Rob.

  • moe2012

    is this a paid position?

    congrats on the new job, rob. always been a fan of your work.

  • http://None Paul Anthony

    I am a sophomore at the University of Notre Dame, pursuing an honors degree in Economics and Marketing. Notre Dame does not offer a journalism major, but I have always been quite interested in Sports Journalism and feel that my writing skill and sports knowledge can offset my lack of experience. I am a lifelong Mavs fan and overall NBA enthusiast, so covering the Mavs would be a dream come true. I do not have any blogging experience to date, but writing has always been one of my strongsuits–I earned a perfect score (36) on the writing portion of the ACT, and received an A in my freshman writing course for a research paper on the financial impact of a College Football playoff. I would love to apply these skills to a subject I truly care about, such as Mavs basketball. I have coached basketball for 5 years, and followed it for as long as I can remember, so my knowledge of the game is sufficient. I also have experience with data analytics, which should prove valuable in covering an organization that is known to utilize advanced statistical analysis.

    To illustrate my knowledge of the team and sport, here are a few Mavs-related topics I would enjoy writing about:

    1. When stats geeks criticized the Mavs for signing Chris Kaman, Mark Cuban claimed that the organization looks for players who are effective in certain roles. Can this be seen in Cuban’s past personnel decisions? Which roles have proven most important for the Mavs’ overall success?

    2. Can the Mavs use their financial flexibility to trade for a second star, or will they be forced to test the free agency market once again?

    3. Dirk’s leadership prowess and unique style of scoring should allow him to remain valuable for years to come. How can Cuban build a roster that maximizes Dirk’s future value?

    Schoolwork takes up most of my time, but if you are interested in hiring a part time contributor I would love to fill that role. Please contact me with any comments or questions, and I would be happy to provide a resume or writing sample for your consideration. Thanks, and go Mavs!