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Posted by Rob Mahoney on July 11, 2012 under Commentary, Roster Moves | 7 Comments to Read

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The Dallas Mavericks can’t invest in long-term prospects and have seen the few possible short-term fixes pass them by. It’s a sad, treadmilled existence; the level of now-mandatory prudence keeps the Mavs in fine financial shape, but that alone doesn’t mean that they’re getting anywhere. The past week has demonstrated the tremendous risk involved in leveraging cap space, and yet Dallas has little option save to keep their books clear and try again.

But in the meantime, Mark Cuban and Donnie Nelson will surely clad all kinds of rentals in Maverick blue. Dallas is very much in the running for an amnestied Elton Brand, among other targets, but the first solidified get is Dirk Nowitzki’s kind-of-German national teammate, Chris Kaman, who according to Marc Stein of, has agreed to terms on a one-year, $8 million deal. There’s not much flare to the pick-up, and not much potential; it’s a move designed solely to keep Dirk sane and the team’s head above water, and Kaman is a useful addition in both regards.

Kaman provides an instant upgrade over Brendan Haywood, who, per ESPN Dallas’ Tim MacMahon, will be amnestied in short order to give the Mavs a chance to properly chase Brand through the amnesty waiver process. Cutting Haywood loose gives Dallas even more financial flexibility and short-term mobility; a total of $37.7 million is wiped from the Mavs’ cap sheet over the next four seasons, including an erased hit of $7.6 million in 2012-2013. There’s not too much to be done with that gained salary margin save to bid on Brand, but Nelson and Cuban surely have a list of stopgaps in their pocket to fill out the rest of a barren roster. There’s still much work to be done, uninspiring though it might be; this is the first summer in some time that the Mavs make their moves without the title even in view, and while that may be disheartening to some, it’s the unavoidable state of Dallas’ present. Your 2013 Dallas Mavericks will be loaners and filler and rotational scabs, and while Kaman is among the best available in that regard, his signing and the signings to come can’t undo the risk taken and the damage done. The Mavericks are stuck, but this is them doing the best they can.

  • @CoL_70

    Awesome, “Financial flexibility” will be the leading scorer on my NBA 2K13 mavs association.

    Chris Kaman is a H-U-G-E upgrade over Haywood offensively, but he also makes our frontcourt defense a saloon door, or a matador, pick your choice.

    With that move we are also officially out of the 2012 free agency right on the day that it started. Dwight Howard was/is on the verge of being traded in exchange for an overrated player and a bunch of future 28th picks, I wish we were more aggresive on that front, and I'm sure if we found a way to get other teams involved we could have had a better chance to land him, even if it involved us taking back Hedo or another horrible contract (wich would still be a better offer than the offer they are considering, wich involves building around Brook Lopez while being horribly over the cap).

    With that said, I applaud them for getting him to a 1 year deal, wich allows to jump right back into the '13 free agency and have another try at CP3 (and hopefully)  Dwight too. Problem with this line of thought is that:

    a) If a rule/cba savy player like Deron Williams chose Joe Johnson and no cap space over “financial flexibility” there's absolutely no chance CP3 or Dwight will take blue pill next year.

    b) Kaman, Brand, and whoever posts here VVV next as a PG. Yeah that will totally get us to win 1 game in the 2013 postseason… but to what avail, other than to let Houston get our '13 pick? why not just blow it up, and get a good pick we could exchange next year in a sign and trade for CP3 or Dwight? Isn't Cuban suposedly  against treading water and being mediocre? so far our '12 free agency has been all about Plan A or nothing, followed by a panic move some hours after free agency opened.

  • Cskoogs1

    I don't see this as a panic move. It fills multiple needs: field a competitive team, add frontcourt depth/ rebounding (Elton Brand might be on the way as well), and keep Dirk Happy by adding a buddy of his to the roster. It might be nice to have a scoring threat in the post. We've asked for one for years. Plus we added speed and youth with the addition of Darren Collison. This team is still coming together.

  • Tech

    Basically youre swapping haywood for kaman. Theres no doubt that Haywood is the better defender, plus offensively he at least does not take shots away from more efficient players. Unlike Kaman who averages 20! FGA/48 while shooting a TS of .478 and turning the ball over nearly 3 times as much. Haywood may not do much, but kaman actually hurts the team he plays on:…[]=58&player_ids[]=130&player_ids[]=250

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  • Kirk Henderson

    With these additions I want everyone to keep this in mind: as of right now with the team as is there are only two players on the Dallas books in 2013-2014 and those players are Dirk and Marion. Everyone else is either expiring or has a team option or qualifying offer.  I certainly wont take a stab at what they might do with that space, but holy cow is that a lot of space. 

    • ScoobyDude

      The 3 2012 draft picks are, I believe, under contract for 2013-14.

  • Jeffrey Thompson

    Brendan Haywood is probably one of the luckiest guys in the world.  he will be getting thiorty million free and clear and does not have to do a thing.   Thank the NBA and their garanteed contracts for that.