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UPDATE (4:58 PM EST): Surprise: Kidd’s negotiations with the Mavs were apparently an elaborate hoax, as Marc Stein has now reported that Kidd will join the New York Knicks on a comparable deal. Those who groaned after hearing of this non-signing can now breathe free; Kidd is a Maverick no more, a development which should open the door for an amusing array of short-term ball-handling solutions. Then again, supposing Delonte West stays in Dallas, maybe the Mavs can put the ball in his hands and look to employ stopgaps elsewhere. Oy vey — I like West quite a bit, but this is going to be a miserable season of Maverick basketball.


1:03 EST: The Dallas Mavericks are a twice-spurned and very desperate team. So desperate, in fact, that after failing to manufacture returns on their visions of the future, they’ve reluctantly returned to the status quo. Per Jeff Caplan and Marc Stein of ESPN Dallas, Kidd and the Mavs have virtually settled on a three-year, $9 million deal that flies in the face of Dallas’ long-term vision while avoiding any real damage.

I’m not sure many who watched the Mavericks closely last season would claim that bringing back Kidd is in any way a productive move, but the salary is manageable enough — and the possibility of Kidd retiring before this deal is through is real enough — that this odd bit of roster filler comes without much real cost. Dallas certainly doesn’t move forward by bringing back the starting point guard of yesteryear, and yet with Dirk Nowitzki still the heart of the team (and the long-term plans of Donnie Nelson and Mark Cuban as they are), the Mavericks also have little choice but to jog in place. Thus is the nature of a year spent idling; if Dallas really does intend to take another shot at free agency next season, they can’t afford to alienate Nowitzki, can’t afford to muck up their cap picture, and can’t afford to sign players for the sake of signing players.

This is an underwhelming gesture, but the kind that the Mavericks can wiggle their way out of a year from now if need be, or see dissipate in two years if Kidd opts to exit gracefully. That’s the only harm here; signings can only be as bad as their damage allows, and while re-signing Kidd doesn’t do much for the future (or present, for that matter) of the Mavs, it also doesn’t much impact their agenda.

  • Tdubya86

    Is retirement the only opt out option?

  • Excited About Lottery 2013

    well this is a moot point.  kidd is going to the knicks…  The mavs are now thrice spurred

    • Cody Zeller

      I'm can't wait for the Draft next year.  I have heard great thigns about Mark Cuban and the Mavs organization.  I can't wait to play alongside Dirk Nowitzki.  I'll be the big man he needs to win another ring.

  • http://twitter.com/roddy_buckets Jerry West

    This is just really depressing, i don't see what they can do at this point.  If I was GM i'd honestly ask Dirk if he would like a trade to a team with a chance to do something.  I mean best case scenario barring an incredibly lopsided trade the lineup next year is Sessions/West/Beaubois/Carter/Roy/Marion/Dirk/Wright/Camby, and that's insanely optimistic.

  • http://twitter.com/roddy_buckets Jerry West

     oh and haywood, i like how i forgot him and he's due another 25 million over the next 3 years. i need some whiskey

  • Ryan Deocampo

    The only thing that could make this free agency period any better is if we overpay for Ramon Sessions or Dirk suffers an injury during the Olympics (actually if that happened at least we'd have an opportunity to add some talent via the lottery). If they end up getting him I hope it is not for more than $5 million per year.

    At this point what options does this team have? The free agent cupboard is bare so revamping this team is out of the question. Dwight Howard is not coming here, and do we really want him to be here anyway? Chris Paul isn't coming here either. Are we gonna take a spin with some talented but unproductive players? Would you like to try some Anthony Randolph? How does a second helping of Gerald Green sound? Care to try some Yi?

    It appears that the best case scenario is to take a gamble on some of these young talented guys try to surround them with professionals, hope that they show promise a la Brandan Wright and then flip them for something better. With all that said, I can't wait to battle for the ninth spot in the West this coming season.

    • Tbone

       Germany is not playing Olympics. Dirk has full summer to himself.

  • Thegameofbasketball

    i feel devestated. ramon sessions? come on! it's like we have to pay for all the luck we had when we won the ring.

    it actually makes sense now to rebuild, now that nobody really good is left except dirk.

    not sure if he has it in him, but why not ask for a trade? 

    • selamat pagi

      Kaman will come hopefully to play with dirk. After a season where dirk averages 34.9 ppg, the team will get eliminated by the thunder in the west semis in 7. Thunder will lose to la la land, who will lose to the heat in the finals.

  • Jeffrey Thompson

    The Mavs are going down, anyways.  Last season only proved how much of a sinking ship they have become.  I would not be surprised if they did not make the playoffs the following year.  The team is old, worn out and will be carrying dead weight bloated contracts for the next two or three years.  The Future will certainly be a beak one for the Mavs.