The Difference: Chicago Bulls 93, Dallas Mavericks 83

Posted by Rob Mahoney on April 22, 2012 under Recaps | Read the First Comment

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  • Talk amongst yourselves, all. As Jason Terry goes, so do I.
  • (That withstanding, a brief note: Dallas did a perfectly reputable job considering that both Jasons elected to sit this one out, and it was easy to be particularly impressed with Rodrigue Beaubois (for resiliency alone; returning after dislocating a finger can’t be fun) and Dominique Jones — both of whom did good work in considerable minutes. This rotation obviously looks very different when two candidates for 30+ minutes watch from the bench, but considering that fact — as well as how little the Mavs have to play for at this point — the result was quite favorable.
  • Andrew

    It looks like we got OKC in the first round.  Oh boy…
    That makes me really think that we can't afford to have Carter on the floor, because at one point he will have to guard Harden or Durant and that is a recipe for disaster.