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Posted by Rob Mahoney on February 13, 2012 under Commentary | 5 Comments to Read

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From Tim MacMahon of ESPN Dallas:

Two years ago, Mark Cuban declared Rodrigue Beaubois “pretty much untouchable” in the trade market.

Now, it’s relatively notable for Cuban to say that Beaubois, who hasn’t gotten off the bench in the two games since Jason Kidd returned from a strained right calf, remains part of the Mavs’ long-term plans.

“That’s the way we see it now. Absolutely,” Cuban said.

“Untouchable,” is a fairly powerful word, and the fact that Mark Cuban used it regarding Rodrigue Beaubois some two years ago (even with a “pretty much,” semi-hedge) is still worthy of note. That was how much a solid prospect meant to this franchise at that particular moment in time, when a championship was merely a persistent aspiration. The Mavericks have obviously accomplished plenty since then, though Cuban’s estimation of Beaubois apparently remains unchanged through champagne foam and all.

Or it speaks to the fact that, at the very least, a certain owner remains unchanged. Cuban’s outspoken nature has become an inseparable element of his public persona, but it would be foolish to discount just how loyal Cuban is (and has been) to his players. It was certainly surprising that Cuban would make such a declaration about Beaubois in the first place, but the fact that he would want to support a young, developing player on his team, whether in the middle of trade rumors or a few DNP-CD’s? That’s perfectly in character.

The Mavs undoubtedly still value Beaubois as a contributor and a prospect, but in this case it’s only sensible to translate Cuban’s less literal response into more manageable terms. “Untouchable,” was a fairly powerful word then, just as it is now, and it’s as inapplicable to Beaubois today as it was two years ago. It was an exaggerated representation of real stock and sentiment, and in both of those regards, little has changed. Dallas still has a player they would like to keep, and Cuban — both by nature and for the sake of consistency — has reached back to extend his previous claim, in a sense.

It doesn’t mean much of anything, honestly, save for what we already knew: the Mavs liked and like Beaubois, who will remain untouchable until he’s gone. His tenure in Dallas could end tomorrow or a decade from now, but nothing in the timeline could change the steady beating of Cuban’s drum.

  • http://twitter.com/KirkSeriousFace Kirk Henderson

    Roddy has had 2 great games in his time as a maverick. One was against a terrible defensive team, the other was in a playoff game that came too later to matter.

    I have a love/hate relationship with Roddy because his instincts are the sort of thing you can't teach. But his decision making has improved marginally at best. He settles for Johh Howard 17 footers far too often. He misses Dirk on the PnR. His instinct is to shoot first, not pass, and as a man charged with being the future of an offense predicated on ball movement (done best and most quickly via passing, not dribbling), he probably will not cut it.

    His defense is the sort of thing dreams are made of, at least his on ball defense.  

    I hope he gets better, but I'm fairly tired of his potential and am very ready for consistency from him.

    • finzent

      He had several games this season that are adequately described as “great”. His assist rate has gone way up this season and his turnovers down. I think his decision making has clearly improved.

      At this point I hope he gets shipped already to a team that gives him steady playing time. As a second backup his talents are wasted.

  • Jai

    I'm not too sure about Cubes being loyal…he was happy to cut Tyson and JJ in spite of all they did for the team to clear cap space. I think it was a smart move (chances are we are getting Deron Williams), but still, it doesn't really speak much for his loyalty.

    • Dr. Clarkus

      If you think Cuban cut JJ and TC, then you haven't been paying attnetion.  Him not resigning them had absolutely nothing to do with “loyalty”.

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