Clear(er) Skies

Posted by Rob Mahoney on January 5, 2012 under Commentary | Be the First to Comment

Friends of The Two Man Game Graydon Gordian and Andrew McNeill were kind enough to have me over to their place — the excellent Spurs blog 48 Minutes of Hell — to preview tonight’s festivities. A peek:

1. Both the Spurs and Mavericks stumbled out of the gate a bit this season, which team is in more trouble in the long run?

Rob Mahoney, The Two Man Game: A week ago it would’ve been the Mavs, but now I’m inclined to pick the Spurs. San Antonio came into the season with some built-in continuity, but Manu Ginobili’s injury — which could honestly derail the Spurs’ offense entirely if the wrong dominoes start falling — puts SA in an incredibly tough spot. They’ll still have time to try to work Ginobili back into the lineup upon his return, but what losses will San An have suffered in the meantime, and what kind of momentum can they establish while he’s working his way back?

Graydon Gordian, 48 Minutes of Hell: On Monday I would have said the Mavs. The Spurs looked sharper initially. Between an underachieving Lamar Odom and the absence of Chandler and Barea, the Mavs seemed listless. But the Spurs took a huge hit when they lost Manu. The Mavs have reasons to be worried, but the Spurs are in for a rougher ride.

Andrew McNeill, 48 Minutes of Hell: Given the Manu Ginobili injury and the nature of this season’s schedule, I’d have to say the Spurs. Though a championship hangover and a not-so-subtle focus on the upcoming free agent class, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Mavs slip a lot this season.

It’s official: the Mavs’ season is suddenly looking pretty rosy, if only because they’ve managed to win a few games (a novel concept, that) and things are much, much worse for a San Antonio team that just lost its most important player. Be sure to venture over to 48 Minutes of Hell to read the preview in its entirety.