Turning the Crank

Posted by Rob Mahoney on December 11, 2011 under News, Roster Moves | 6 Comments to Read

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Things…appear to have taken a bit of a turn.

According to Marc Stein of ESPN.com, the possible three-team deal that would have sent Chris Paul to the Lakers is now dead, and Lamar Odom — who was set to go to New Orleans as a part of the transaction — will instead be sent to Dallas in exchange for the traded player exception created by Dallas in the Tyson Chandler deal. Or, in a less convoluted way: the Mavs have turned the inevitable, gainless departure of a prized free agent into the reigning Sixth Man of the Year.

No matter how you slice or dice that transaction, you’ll arrive at the same conclusion: that’s a hell of a move.

It’s the latest bit of evidence demonstrating Donnie Nelson’s management savvy, and an epitomical example of the “opportunistic” approach Mark Cuban has endorsed over the last decade. It doesn’t give the Mavericks exactly what they need, but it brings in a high-quality player at no actual operating cost, a maneuver that even the harshest critics will have a hard time dragging down. Odom is an incredible piece to be able to add without giving up any actual assets, and he’ll make the Mavs that much deeper, that much more versatile, that much better.

Welcome to Dallas, Lamar.

UPDATE: According to Mike Bresnahan of the Los Angeles Times, Dallas will also be sending their 2012 first rounder (and possibly second rounder) to L.A. as part of the deal. Still a mighty fine exchange, even when considering the depth of next summer’s draft.

UPDATE II: According to Eddie Sefko of the Dallas Morning News, the first rounder the Mavs will surrender in the deal is top-20 protected, but is not restricted to the 2012 draft. Sefko writes that Dallas will have the option of surrendering their first rounder for any of the next six drafts, which somehow makes this trade even better.

  • Don Hutson's Hands

    It's coming together. Mouth open when hearing about this one.

  • Andrew

    I'm really excited to see how he fits in on this team.  He is such a difficult match up when his head is in the game.

  • David

    According to Rich Bucher, Kaman will be cut. Should the Mavs sign Kaman to be their backup center or should Mavs sign a backup pg?

    • RQ

      Kaman. we can scrounge up a PG through billups perhaps, realistically use one of our cap mechanisms… kaman is unlikely to sign with dallas but for the Dirk connection. would be an epic win for dallas if they can get kaman though. pipe dream.

  • David

    oops… I meant to type Ric Bucher instead of Rich Bucher..

  • Mav

    great roster depth last was one of the keys to the championship and this just bolsters that paradigm. now all we need is the young guards (and Haywood of course) to step up and we'll be as deep as anyone with a size advantage over just about everyone