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One good cost-cutting move apparently deserves another.

Just days after the Mavs swept up Lamar Odom up from L.A. in order to tidy up the Lakers’ books (helpful gent, that Donnie Nelson), Dallas has agreed — per Marc Stein of ESPN.com — to send Corey Brewer and Rudy Fernandez to Denver in exchange for a future second round pick. This isn’t an equitable trade, but it allows the Mavs to liquidate some depth for the sake of immediate salary savings and an extra chunk of cap space next summer.

Corey Brewer$3,059,000$3,243,000
Rudy Fernandez$2,180,443-- (QO)
Team Salary Before Trade (Estimate)$69,998,293$53,484,505*
Team Salary After Trade (Estimate)$64,748,850$50,241,505*

*The Mavs have some decisions to make that could drastically reduce this number. They can release Lamar Odom (who has a partially guaranteed salary worth just $2.4 million, marking savings of $5.8 million) and/or amnesty Brendan Haywood ($8.4 million) or Shawn Marion ($8.4 million). Both moves would pull the Mavs down to around just $36 million committed salary going into 2012 free agency.

This trade isn’t one to like, but one to stomach. Corey Brewer has the potential to be a very solid rotation player, but the Mavs realistically didn’t have the minutes to accommodate him. Lamar Odom and Vince Carter put a strain on the rotation as it is, and as Stein noted in a follow-up tweet, the Mavs have designs to make Rodrigue Beaubois a more integral component this season. Sometimes it really does just come down to a salary move and a playing time crunch.

As for Fernandez, the writing has seemingly been on the wall for months. But regardless of which rumors were true and which were exaggerated, Fernandez will no longer be buried on the Dallas bench, and Rick Carlisle sheds the burden of having to worry about this team’s most fragile ego. I don’t blame Fernandez for wanting to play, and I have no problem with him — reportedly — piping up in request for a trade. But saving Carlisle the headache might be best for all involved, even if that makes Fernandez’s brief tenure in Dallas a bit of a waste. The Mavs gave up a pretty decent first round pick in order to acquire him in the first place, and now will send his salary along with Brewer to nab a second round pick. None of that really adds up, but the Nuggets get capable wing players to fill minutes while the Mavs get some clearly important financial relief.

It’s a legitimate bummer that the Mavs will never again benefit from Brewer’s infectious energy, but it’s an acceptable expense on a team with such amazing depth.

  • JT

    I've been a big Rudy Fernandez fan since the 2008 Olympics when he kept Spain in the game against the Redeem Team.  I wish he could've fit in here as he would've added another creative spark on the offensive side.  As we've learned from last season, you can never have enough shooting.  

    I've agreed with most of the moves thus far and I will begrudgingly do so now.  But, if this move somehow nets us some combination of Deron and/or Dwight, then I will forget this ever happened.

  • gwa

    I don't like the lack-of-minutes argument because the compressed season is going to be hardest on the older players, and the Mavs' roster is full of those.  I can see getting rid of Rudy if he's going to whine, but can't we use Brewer this year and dump his salary next summer if we need to?

  • William Head

    I'm having a hard time getting my head around the fact that we moved an athletic wing man who can guard 2 and a half positions on the floor to make room for Vince Carter. On a team that already has a template in Shawn Marion on how to integrate a player with limited offensive skills, and with every echo out of camp emphasizing that defense is where the Mavs will or won't repeat, it seems hardly congruent. And don't get me wrong: trading a little used defensive luxury for a starting 2 guard is a decision you make every day and twice on sunday… unless that starting 2 guard happens to be Vince Carter.

    • http://twitter.com/FromWayDowntown FromWayDowntown

      I agree. All the noise about getting Carter is disturbing. He is on an a steep downward slope since a couple of years. He is a liability on the defensive end with questionable work ethic. Given his chubby appearance on media day I think it is safe to assume that he will get injured pretty soon.
      Let's hope he gets some of his offensive power back so that he is of some use at least.

    • Auditiontexas

      Yeah that Jason Kidd guy with no Basketball IQ…thinks Carter can still play…and that Rick Carlisle guy…and that Donnie Nelson guy…what do they know about basketball? I think you're a basketball genius!