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Posted by Rob Mahoney on December 10, 2011 under Commentary, News, Roster Moves | 2 Comments to Read

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The Mavs weren’t expected to make much commotion during this year’s abridged free agency, but they’ve already made one move in anticipation of another. The Knicks’ acquisition of Tyson Chandler — originally designed to be an outright free agent signing — has officially been processed as a three-team, sign-and-trade endeavor, scoring Dallas an $11 million trade exception, a protected second round pick (via Washington), and the imminently waivable Andy Rautins. According to Marc Stein of, the Mavs are already working to use that traded player exception to acquire Samuel Dalembert on a one-year deal via sign-and-trade with Sacramento.

It’s a lot of hustle and bustle (especially when coupled with Dallas’ signing of Brandan Wright, and likely acquisition on Vince Carter) for a team largely anticipated to stand pat, but it’s worth waiting for the smoke to clear before we take full stock in Dallas’ off-season haul. Trade exceptions, by nature, are transitory tools; they’re only worth what a team is able to gain with them, and we’ll have a better grasp of the yield from the Chandler sign-and-trade as soon as Dalembert makes his decision. The Mavs are hardly the only team pursuing him; Stein also noted that Houston was interested in acquiring Dalembert if the Rockets’ other options fell through, meaning the Mavs’ next play could lean on the reconstruction and upcoming review of the Chris Paul blockbuster.

If a revised deal is accepted by the league, the Rockets will reportedly make another strong push for Nene in order to pair him with the newly acquired Pau Gasol. If Nene opts to sign with Houston, that would push the Rox out of contention for Dalembert’s services and make the Mavs a more likely landing spot. There are certainly other teams in play, but the probabilities of either Houston or Dallas acquiring Dalembert change significantly with a subtle push. A hundred dominoes anxiously await the resolution of the Paul deal, and somewhere within that chain reaction lies the immediate fate of the Mavs’ trade exception.

  • TBone

    Rob -Just want to know where you come up with these images for your posts.  They are often intriguing, sometimes bizarre, but always eye catching.  Glad that The Two Man Game is back…Cheers

  • RQ

    Flipping Tyson, who was literally out the door, for something (in the form of Dalembert) would be a pretty good 1 year rental. Adding VC and Wright isn't so bad either. Gives a chance for the rest of the roster to play. If we get Dalembert we should be competitive. I'm most interested in seeing what's going to happen with the PG and SF rotation.