Of Lisa Frank Trapper Keepers

Posted by Rob Mahoney on October 12, 2011 under Video | 4 Comments to Read

These are truly dark times for all basketball fans, but at least Tyson Chandler and (blonde) Shawn Marion are having a bit of fun:

NBA Lockout: Lock-In from Tyson Chandler
  • http://twitter.com/virtualdominic Dominic Rivera

    Why is K-Love not in the title of the video or the tag? he had the best part.

  • Andrew

    This was amazing! I love how much they put Marion down.

    This is the first year I have NBA TV and it is fruitless now because of the lockout.  ERRGGG!
    I miss your substantive posts about the Mavericks, I just want the season to start!

  • Gabriel Cash

    I hope you realized that the principal is Dr. Venture…

    • S D

      Phantom Limb telling Marion that no one likes a tattle-tale was priceless.