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Dirk Nowitzki will never hear the end of the question. In the ensuing days, weeks, months, and even years, he’ll be posed the same inquiry over and over, so many times that his answer will grow repetitive but never robotic. The very thought will always invoke the same emotion he felt on this night, this perfect June evening in Miami, when the work and the effort and the torment and the perseverance all manifested itself into something undeniably beautiful.

“Dirk, what does it feel like to finally win an NBA title?

Over at ProBasketballTalk, I wrote a piece on Dirk’s moment, and the empathy of sports fans.

Apologies for how barren this space has been today — that will be remedied soon. The Mavs deserve better, but there’s a decent reason for the silence, I assure you. Stay frosty.

  • Charles Reed

    I still can't believe this is happening. And I'm sure it'll be just as surreal when I'm standing alongside the rabid throngs at the parade, stifling Texas summer heat be damned.

    Amazing, absolutely amazing. They were implacable, myopic… more often brilliant than not during this year's second season. And I suppose I should call it like it is – they were goddamned madmen on the court.

    It'll be an honor to watch this series on ESPN Classic when the time comes.

  • That sweet Dirk fade away

    Just amazing…I have been a Mavz fan since I was 8. And this is Right there even with the Packers winning the superbowl! Actually it's probably higher, considering that this is our first championship! Dirk earned this he's been working 12 years to get to this point in his career. And the fact that it was over the most hated team in U.S. sports history just makes it that much sweeter!

  • Evan

    Congrats on the win, championships are such an amazing feeling! Thought that you might enjoy these funny internet reactions to the win… Sure to make a great mood even better, haha:

  • Cameron Trimble

    Watch the video of
    Dallas Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson on the Floor of the house of
    Representatives officially congratulating the Dallas Mavericks for winning the
    2011 NBA Championship. Watch HERE>>