Print is Dead, Long Live Print

Posted by Rob Mahoney on June 14, 2011 under xOther | 9 Comments to Read

Following the Dallas Mavericks has been an insane ride over these last few weeks, and really, over this entire season. Maybe I’m just a loon swayed too easily by the validation of a title, but I see narrative intrigue in Dallas’ regular season that most of us had a hard time discerning as the events unfolded in real time. There’s a story there. There are likable characters, an interesting plot line, and for those on this side of the tracks, a happily ever after in which legacies were re-written and all of that rigmarole.

But I’m thrilled to announce that although many will surely attempt to capture that story in print, one of the many will be yours truly:


You can now purchase my first book, a retrospective look at the Mavericks’ incredible run through the regular season, the playoffs, and those amazing NBA Finals. It’s admittedly not a heavy read; there’s a lot of beautiful, glossy photo work filling the pages, pairing my imagery with, y’know, actual images. But it’s still a journey well with your time, and I hope, your hard-earned dollar. The book should be coming into Barnes and Noble and other select stores by week’s end, particularly for those in the Dallas area. Otherwise, consider buying the book online and reliving Dallas’ run from start to glorious finish.

UPDATE: You can also purchase the book through Amazon and Barnes and Noble, both of which should help out international buyers who hit snags with Triumph’s shipping options.

  • albuhhh

    sdfuiyfsifyi just bought the DMN book. oh well, won't hurt to have two. is this mostly just pictures, or will it have your blog stuff compiled?

  • Yoyh

    Does it have your game 6 recap in it?

    • Oh_Johnny_Boy


  • Aleks

    Very impressive. But what would you have done if the Mavs had lost the Finals? At which point did you decide that this is indeed an interesting story? We need a post with the 'Making Of'.

  • Cjhobbies00

    Hi there, I currently live in Canada (in Yellowknife, NWT) and I was wondering if there was a better way to get your book.  Will it go on sale at

  • Matt Wolfgang

    I'm sure your book is great, but I'm waiting on you to write about the Mavericks' championship on your Mavericks blog.

  • hoops0000

    I wanted to purchase it but I see shipping in Europe is not an option.

  • Phil Lenard

    I got the same problem, Rob! I'd like to have it, but until now, it doesn't say anything about shipping costs to Europe. Since you got quite a few international readers, it would be extremely unfortunate if it isn't possible. 
    I love the idea and of course I read most of your pieces at ProBasketballTalk, (5on5 etc), NYTimes (?) as well as HardwoodParadoxym, but you didn't really post much at your blog given the extraordinary finals / postseason!?

    Regards, Phil

  • Trey

    what so no that we have won a championship we dont get “the difference”. Cmon Rob, thats one of my favorite Mavs' reads. Please give us the difference in 105-95!!!!