Prioritization, Allocation, and Other Industry Buzzwords

Posted by Rob Mahoney on May 6, 2011 under Commentary | Be the First to Comment

2MG reader Tyler Copple dropped me an email with an interesting not on Pau Gasol’s performance in this series that is certainly worth passing along:

Regular Season37.07.2-13.7.5294.4-5.2.82310.
Conf. Semis34.55.0-11.0.4554.0-6.0.66710.

I recognize this is the layman “box score” which doesn’t show everything available, but even the advanced box score metrics are generally just aggregates of the basic stats.  [Gasol's] TS% is down ~7% because he’s taking three fewer shots, of which he generally makes 2.  That explains the dip in his points contributed number and his dip in PC/PU (points contributed/possessions used).

His rebounds are up marginally and his TRB% is up 2%, he’s getting to the line more, and he has more assists.

The only divergence in his shot chart is:

3-9 ft (reg): 1.7 FGM – 4 FGA
3-9 ft (semis): 1 FGM – 1.5 FGA

So the three fewer shots per game are being sacrificed in the 3-9 foot range.

If Pau was scoring 4 more points per game would he still be receiving as much blame as he is?  His numbers would be near identical to his season averages if he was.