All I Do Is Watch YouTube Videos

Posted by Rob Mahoney on May 10, 2011 under Video | 4 Comments to Read

I’m so unbelievably tired of this song — it seems to be the post-win song of choice in just about every NBA arena — but this was a fun, well-edited mix.

In-Video Power Rankings:

1. Brian Cardinal

2. Corey Brewer

3. Darrell Armstrong’s dancing

4. Tyson Chandler

  • Beckley Mason

    To be fair, “All I Do Is Move The Ball With Precision And Purpose” doesn't have the same ring

  • Phil

    Great find, great compilation!

  • BJ Stahl

    Dear Mavs Production Boffins,
    Really impress me. Punch out something to Rammstein. “Feuer Frei!” comes immediately to mind.

  • Dr. Clarkus

    Nice find Rob.