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We’re five months and 15 days removed from the announcement that Rodrigue Beaubois’ fracture would require surgery, and only now — through back channels, no less — are those outside the team finally granted an update on his status. Beaubois’ agent, Bouna Ndiaye, sees his client’s return as just a week or two away, which only puts the second-year guard a good three months or so behind schedule. Recovery isn’t a race, but it’s still nice to hear a lap time once in awhile if only to gauge progress. The Mavs remained tight-lipped on Beaubois’ status throughout, and that itself is something of a modern miracle during the Age of Leaked-and-Internet-Spread Information.

Even more interesting, though, is that the implied complications with Beaubois’ injury became a bit more public, albeit through a French outlet. In an interview with BasketNews* (translated via Google Translate, so add salt to taste), Beaubois was surprisingly forthcoming; he was apparently close to a full recovery when a small crack reappeared, thus setting him back substantially in his recovery timeline. It’s been obvious for some time that something had gone awry in Beaubois’ rehab, but to have the fortress surrounding the team hold for this long before — ahem — cracking in the final chapter seems odd. Not odd as implying that there’s something more to this reveal than there is, but just generally odd given how secretive the entire recovery process has been up to this point. As of a few days ago, Beaubois’ status was as mysterious as ever, but now we have not only a prospective timetable courtesy of someone very close to the situation, but an indication of what may have derailed the recovery process.

These are strange days of sports media and subsequent media consumption, and the fact that Beaubois’ status was so secretive for so long is much more the exception than the rule. Though, at the risk of stretching this topic further than its bounds will allow: do teams have any kind of obligation to release updates on player injuries to the media and in turn, the fans? Is there any distinct reason why those updates should be on the daily menu other than our own hunger for them? There are plenty of cases in which withholding injury information could be beneficial, but there doesn’t seem to be too much of a benefit in that level of disclosure. The more available information the better, but lest we forget: injuries are just another ground on which sports media seek to know that which teams often choose to protect. Coaches won’t disclose their exact game plan, general managers won’t tip their hand, and, if they so choose, teams can turn into a strongbox when it comes to the specifics of a player’s injury.

*Link via Mavs Moneyball.

  • Naticfan

    Can't ever trust a team with regards to injury information. It's a business, after all.

  • Bgalella

    Having Rodrigue Beaubois back in the lineup would be huge, this team needs a scoring punch and he can definitely provide that.