The Difference: Dallas Mavericks 105, Orlando Magic 99

Posted by Rob Mahoney on December 22, 2010 under Recaps | 7 Comments to Read

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You know the drill. The Difference is a quick-hitting reflection on the game that was, with one bullet for every point in the final margin.

  • What a blast. Two very capable offenses went to work, and while the defensive effort wasn’t necessarily lacking on either side, they just couldn’t keep pace with either team’s offensive execution. It wasn’t always the prettiest ball, but there’s an obvious appeal to a game where both teams light it up from the outside. 23 total three-pointers between the Mavs and Magic, who combined to shoot 41.8% from deep. Caron Butler (4-6 3FG), in particular, continues to impress with his range. Butler has only been even remotely successful from behind the three-point line in two of previous nine NBA seasons. This year, Caron is hitting an impressive 40.4% of his threes, his career-high by a wide margin. I want to believe that this is legitimate improvement. I want to believe that we’re beyond the warning period for flukes, and that Caron, the corner gunner, is here to stay. So why is it still so hard to believe that Butler could have settled into a Kidd-like comfort zone from the perimeter?
  • Dwight Howard (26 points, 23 rebounds, three steals, two blocks) was fantastic. The Mavs’ bigs, to both their credit and discredit, did a great job of contesting Howard’s shots without fouling, but Dwight showed off a nice array of moves with both hands to score over and around them. Howard shot just four free throws all night (and made all four!), but his 11-of-19 mark from the field kept him — and the Magic — efficient. Howard was effective on defense as always, even if his impact was negated a bit by the Mavs’ hot shooting from the outside. His presence was probably most felt when he was on the bench. As soon as Howard caught a breather, Tyson Chandler (16 points, 7-7 FG, four rebounds) went on a rampage. Orlando is aching for a proper backup center now that Marcin Gortat is a Sun, and Chandler took full advantage of that weakness in the rotation.
  • On a related note: Butler seems to have rounded a legitimate corner in his possession usage. He still gets caught pump-faking and jab-stepping into infinity on a possession or two, but 20 points on 14 shots? With just one turnover? This is the dream. This is the sidekick the Mavs have been looking for, and as is the case with his three-point shooting, all Dallas can hope for is a little sustenance.
  • Jason Kidd (13 points, 12 assists, six rebounds) had one of his best games in awhile. He wasn’t the best Maverick on the floor, but had a total impact in a way he hasn’t in some time. It’s nice to have the complete Kidd back, hitting threes, setting up his teammates, fighting for rebounds, and scrambling for defensive advantage.
  • Of note: Hedo Turkoglu’s defense on Dirk Nowitzki (17 points, 4-13 FG, eight rebounds, five assists) was surprisingly successful. Maybe Stan Van Gundy really does bring out the best in Turkoglu’s game. There was just something extra in his effort against Nowitzki that we haven’t seen from Turkoglu in Phoenix or Toronto. He looked right at home in a Magic uniform again, and though he did damage to both teams on the offensive end, his D on Dirk shouldn’t be discounted. Golf clap for the man.
  • Not much separated the Mavs and Magic in this one. Dallas was a bit hotter from outside, had a bit more scoring versatility, and got to the free throw line just a tad more often. Orlando was within striking distance, and Jason Richardson (10 points, 4-13 FG, five rebounds) made things interesting late after Hedo Turkoglu’s (nine points, 2-11 FG, eight assists, four turnovers) hilarious attempts to take over the game failed miserably. I wouldn’t say this game was quite as balanced as yesterday’s match-up with Miami, but it was competitive to say the least.
  • Andrew

    Great post…I thought Turk's efforts to take over the game more than hilarious. The only concern I have with this game is that our weakness when it comes to interior defense seemed to shine bright and obvious tonight. Chandler is a good defender but I think what tonight showed was that he is not a terribly great one on one defender against bigger opponents. And Haywood…well…eh….

    • Adanos

      I dont think thats true… defending Howard is a handful for everyone, the thing with chandler is that he isnt as beefy as Howard, so… defending a backing down Howard is a tough one, but who can defend a backing down howard?

      There are only 2 centers that could bring some troubles to Chandler…. Bynum and Howard, and Bynum has to be healthy enough to play first, so…. he doesnt concern me a whole lot. The rest of the NBA centers are not stronger than Chandler, plus he has the athletiscm to guard the other 99% of the 5s and 4s that he's going to have to guard ( Garnett, Gasol, Duncan, Stoudamire, Jefferson, Boozer, etc etc etc etc).

  • Caronbutler

    Are the rumors about Carmelo being traded to Dallas true, and does it hold much weight? I love my team. I promise to jab-step a little less… :-(

    • Eddie

      hahaha from what I have read there really isn't a good chance for Melo coming to dallas. Cuban said that they werent looking to mess up the team chemistry right now but there are still reports saying that the mavs are trying to put together a package to get melo, BUT the mavs wouldn't be willing to package anything as good as the nets.

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  • T.T Maroni

    I wasn't surprised at all with Turk's defense on Dirk. Remember it was Adelman way back in the 2002 playoffs that put Hedo on Dirk and pretty much frustrated him en route to a Kings playoff series win

  • Eddie

    I know we are all talking about Chandler, but did anyone else notice haywood putting in some work? I thought he did a pretty good job against the magic and the mavs went on a little run when he was on the floor. I think our center tandem is one of the best in the nba. And we have seen only seen a fraction of what ajinca and mahinmi can do and I at least was pretty impressed with both of them.