Secret Weapons

Posted by Rob Mahoney on December 7, 2010 under xOther | 3 Comments to Read


“The Mavs really have their stuff together and they understand that we’re the x-factor. They’re keeping us quiet until the playoffs where we will be unveiled.”
-Steve Novak, on his and Brian Cardinal’s importance to the team in this mini interview for the Mavs’ Facebook page.

  • jtshoopsblog

    I think Stevie is giving him and Brian a little too much credit there . . .

  • Daniel Hansen

    I like that Steve has a sense of humor about his role. It must be tough on the ego to be good enough to make an NBA team but not good enough to play consistent minutes.

  • mr dallas

    the backup 4/pf is the one spot that has to resolved in order for the mavs to be a true contender in the West. best options are packaging haywood, cardinal, and barea(which could be dangerous if roddy doesnt come back) for something like a brandon bass but taller. either way its a huge hole that hasnt been really discussed.