Diamond in the Rough

Posted by Rob Mahoney on December 2, 2010 under xOther | 3 Comments to Read

The Mavs’ email newsletter has a regular feature entitled “INSIDE DISH,” in which Mavs’ staffer Danny Bollinger interviews various members of the team for the usual personals. It’s a great place to find the latest breaking news on Jason Terry’s favorite foods or Shawn Marion’s greatest basketball memory, but occasionally, they yield gems like this one from Steve Novak:

[Bollinger]: Who is the most famous person’s number in your cell phone?
[Novak]: I don’t really know any Hollywood celebrities. But you know what, this will be appreciated. In L.A., I was neighbors with The Most Interesting Man in The World. The Dos Equis guy, I swear. I had lunch with the guy. Him and his wife and me and my wife.  Okay, this is what happened. My wife was at the gym one day and he was there. You know –the little condo gym with four elliptical machines a couple treadmills and some weights. This guy is in there working out. By coincidence my buddy from Milwaukee, who owns a steakhouse named Mo’s in Milwaukee, calls me a couple of weeks later and tells me about this great idea he has for his new restaurant that he opening in Houston. He is going to find The Most Interesting Man in The World and get him to come to his restaurant and hang out, smoke a cigar in the lounge…whatever. I said that is a good idea since I am his neighbor! He was like you are kidding me. Long story short, we all meet at Cheesecake Factory in L.A. and set the deal up. Jonathan Goldstein is the guy’s name. Isn’t that crazy?

  • Victor

    Oh wow. You know what's crazy is Dos Equis has actually been trying to keep the identity of that guy hidden. You might have just helped break something big here.

    • Victor

      Oh wait. Never mind. His true identity was outed awhile ago. Whatever, I don't drink Dos Equis.

  • DN41

    There might have been a typo there, his actual name is Jonathan Goldsmith