Mixed Signals

Posted by Rob Mahoney on November 30, 2010 under Commentary, News | Read the First Comment

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Rick Carlisle announced after last night’s game that Dominique Jones would enjoy a luxurious stay with the Texas Legends, but held one minor detail close to the vest.

Rodrigue Beaubois will be joining him. Kind of.

The Mavericks announced today that both Jones and Beaubois have been officially assigned to the Legends, though Mark Cuban clarified that Beaubois’ involvement with the Mavs’ D-League affiliate is for marketing purposes only. It’s an interesting way to put people in seats for the Legends’ game against the Austin Toros, but I’d be curious to know if having make a public appearance to support the Legends really necessitates including him on the actual roster. Couldn’t he just show up for an advertised appearance at the games? Sign autographs, shake hands, pose for photos holding a peace sign?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see exactly what it is Beaubois does with the Legends, but I’m a tad disappointed the Mavs aren’t utilizing the D-League as the next step in Beaubois’ recovery, and a bit perplexed as to why this endeavor is worthwhile in the first place.

Jones’ assignment is a bit more straight-forward; he’ll stay in the D for a spell (Carlisle mentioned three games as a possible duration), primarily to continue to work on his game and see the court for some extended minutes. The only thing we can definitively say about Jones’ game is that he’s struggled as a scorer. His most NBA-ready skill may not be quite so NBA ready after all, as he’s been able to get to the rim but has had trouble finishing for the Mavs. His journeys into the paint have no scoring destination, and while that’s given Jones an opportunity to show off his playmaking abilities, rookies who miss layups don’t tend to stick in Rick Carlisle’s rotation.

There’s nothing really wrong with Jones’ ability to complete layups and dunks in traffic or with contact, he just has to get his bearings as a pro player. The D-League affords him an opportunity to do just that, while also working on ways to improve his physical individual defense into a more versatile defensive arsenal. Once Jones tightens up his drives and learns to become a better team defender, he’s a lock for regular playing time in the NBA.

So one more serious addition, and one superficial one for the Legends, who can now boast that they have “seven first-round picks” on their roster.

  • Phil

    I'm not really surprised to hear those news, given the play of Abe Lincoln as our starting shooting guard. With Jet and JJB, we have two guys that come of the bench and prefer to have the ball in their hands (though Jet is quite comfortable to catch-and-shoot). From the minutes I did see Jones playing this season, I thought he did a more than decent job driving to the basket and then dishing it to a big man. At this point, it's probably better to let him gain some confidence in putting some points on a D-League Scoreboard than chatting with Brian Cardinal.

    From what we've seen in the Summer League – he's too talented to be DNPed all the time, but at the same time too raw too play more than garbage time in this rotation.