Heard It Through the Grapevine

Posted by Rob Mahoney on September 29, 2010 under xOther | 5 Comments to Read

And a few older bullets from an edition of the Grapevine that accidentally went unpublished:

  • http://twitter.com/KirkSeriousFace Kirk Henderson

    Hollinger tends to be correct, but we'll see. I'd like to see how strength of schedule plays into his projections as well. There's nothing like an easier stretch in opponent quality to push that win total up past the prediction point.

    Also, Butler will sulk over his minutes. Just saying. I really look forward to him trying to be a microwave off the bench while shooting in the mid 30's. Please prove me wrong Caron. I'm still hoping.

  • spurs diehard

    nice to see that almost the whole article is about dallas, you know the team that is always really close but cant ever win any championships. how about you focus on the teams that will actually contend, you know. mia, orl, bos, sa, la. GO SPURS

    • Justin

      this is the dallas mavericks blog, what would you suggest the focus be on? Ice skating?!?

  • pau
  • andytobo

    ALMOST the whole article? Not all of it? Rob, you're slipping. According to spurs diehard.

    I agree with you about Hollinger. I think his wins and place are all perfectly reasonable. The problem I have with Hollinger is that he's, on the one hand, a genius, and on the other hand, just not that good at using his brain. I can't even imagine having the wherewithal to come up with his statistics, which, usually, are fine.

    But—Really? He thought running the numbers to see whether OLD players help a team would conclusively show either way whether the Mavs Veteranness is why they win close games? As if a team picking up Lindsay Hunter or Theo Ratliff is going to improve a team's chances of winning close games? No one thought that. It wasn't a charge that needed answering.

    Doesn't seem that hard to say that the Mavs are good at winning close games because the things you need to win close games are highly efficient shooting, few turnovers, and great free throw shooting, and the Mavs–or at least Kiddirk–are out of the park on those metrics. That seems an easy explanation, and one that's always been there.