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Posted by Rob Mahoney on August 6, 2010 under News | 4 Comments to Read


In the basketball gods’ latest attempt to toy with Mark Cuban’s psyche, they’ve stricken Rodrigue Beaubois down by the foot. Beaubois has broken the fifth metatarsal in his left foot while practicing with the French national team according to Tim MacMahon of ESPN Dallas, and could possibly require surgery and a recovery period of up to three months. There will be no more point guard trials for Rodrigue this off-season, and now he’ll face his first significant injury since joining the NBA last fall.

Just about the only thing that could have stopped Beaubois’ ridiculous momentum was a busted tire, and he was unfortunate enough to suffer one at a rather critical time. It’s better for Rodrigue to miss time now than during the regular season, but off-seasons like this one are still very important for his development and role establishment.

While Beaubois was refining his playmaking abilities this summer for his eventual takeover as the post-Kidd Creator, this year’s training camp was also a very significant opportunity for Beaubois to cement his immediate status as a starter. Rick Carlisle and his staff have clearly been considering the idea, but without the benefit of a full-speed training camp (not to mention the regular season time Beaubois could potentially miss), Rodrigue’s debut as a full-time starter is delayed at the very least.

If Rodrigue does end up missing the initial games of the regular season, two players stand to benefit: J.J. Barea and Dominique Jones. Barea is the more experienced heir to Beaubois’ role and responsibilities, but the Mavs could plug Jones into the lineup in order to keep the rest of the rotation in place. Coincidentally, a similar situation allowed Beaubois to make a name for himself during Josh Howard’s early-season injury last year, so some good may yet come of this. Even if that pesky fifth metatarsal means a little less Beaubois, wouldn’t it all be worth it if Dominique Jones steals the show and forces his way into some extended playing time?

  • Cynthia

    Dammit to hell. Hope the injury does not require surgery. But, dammit to hell anyway. Roddy has had one stinking summer, hasn't he?

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