First on the Shopping List

Posted by Rob Mahoney on July 19, 2010 under Commentary | 5 Comments to Read

Until the Texas Legends begin to formulate their roster, they will be more of an amorphous blob than an actual asset. We’re getting closer and closer to something real; Summer League is over, and though final training camp cuts are still a lifetime away, the first whiff of the Legends as we’ll know them has surfaced.

As a guest on ESPN Radio, 103.3 FM in Dallas, Jeremy Lin had the following to say about his choice to play for the Mavs’ Summer League team in Vegas this year:

The biggest reason why I was drawn to the Mavs is because of Donnie Nelson. He sat me down at Portsmouth and we had dinner. He talked about how he liked my game. He thought that I was a year or so away from the NBA and he wanted to recruit me for his D-League team.

Donnie’s really taken care of me. He invited me to play for the Summer League team. Even before the draft had ended, he called me right before it ended and said, “I really want you to play for us.” That was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up with how well he’s been treating me and how he pursued me to play for the team. When I got to Dallas, he took care of me there. I’m just glad I was able to get this opportunity.

This is great news. Dallas isn’t the only team interested in signing Jeremy Lin for next season (According to Jeff Caplan of ESPN Dallas, the Lakers and at least one Eastern Conference team are also negotiating with Lin), but they do appear to have a decent advantage thanks to Nelson’s legwork. Jeremy wouldn’t be a candidate for playing time on this year’s team with Jason Kidd, Rodrigue Beaubois, and J.J. Barea all superior options at point guard, but the Mavs could definitely benefit from giving Lin a roster spot while allowing him to thrive in Frisco.

The decision will be Jeremy’s. If he gets a better offer from another NBA team, no one should blame him for taking it. But if the Mavs can make it worth Lin’s while to stay in the Dallas area, we could get an extended look at the third point guard for next season. J.J. Barea will be an unrestricted free agent next summer, and while he’s been very useful during his four-year career with the Mavs, Lin could easily make him expendable after a year of D-League seasoning. This isn’t to say that Lin would necessarily be the better player in a year’s time, but he’d undoubtedly be the more cost-efficient of the two.

The D is the best place for Lin right now. Although Jeremy had a strong showing in Vegas, teams won’t be lining up to hand him significant minutes next season. But having the opportunity to run an NBA offense full-time while further adjusting to the speed of the pro game will do wonders for Lin’s long-term chances. With that in mind, Dallas is a perfect fit. Not only could the Mavs offer Lin a chance to fight for a rotation spot in 2011, but he’d also be able to develop in the team’s front pocket. The Legends will run Maverick sets and operate within the same general offensive and defensive systems next season, all while allowing Mav-affiliated coaches to work with Jeremy on aspects of his game as emphasized by the team. Should Lin choose to sign with Dallas, he would be playing for the Mavericks next season, even without technically playing in NBA games.

UPDATE 11:56 PM CST: Per Jeff Caplan of ESPN Dallas, Lin’s agent, Roger Montgomery, has said that there are now new teams in the running.

  • David

    Lin is the epitome of making the most of an opportunity. I don’t think there’s another undrafted player from SL that boosted his stock and hype as much as he did over 5 games.

  • Kirk Henderson

    Point guards with smarts are a dying breed it seems. I very much hope he succeeds.

  • Cynthia

    I hope he succeeds too….I just hope it’s with the MAVS. I can’t believe this guy went undrafted. He has a great basketball IQ, superior court vision, plays great D and makes every one of his teammates better when he’s on the court. PUHLEEESE….SIGN WITH DALLAS!!!

  • Steve

    “Point guards with smarts are a dying breed it seems.”

    Really? No it’s not. This is like the Golden Age of Point Guards right now. Points who are very promising to already established superstars include: Paul, Williams, Nash, Billups, Nelson, Rondo, Westbrook, Rose, Evans, Jennings, Lawson, Collison, Holiday and Wall. And like all highly thought of players, they all possess smarts in addition to great physical gifts. The point guard position is the most stacked position in the league.

  • Cynthia

    WELL HELL! ESPN is reporting that Lin is close to inking a deal with Golden State. Dammit. Nellie gets Lin and we get JJ. What a trade off! It makes me sick.