Rumor Mongering: Tastes Like Chicken

Posted by Rob Mahoney on July 9, 2010 under Commentary, Rumors | 10 Comments to Read

Though the Mavs would theoretically be best served picking out their main off-season course before pinning down the plate presentation, NBA teams are rarely given such an opportunity. Teams grasp at every attractive free agent within their general vicinity, mostly because they have to; with other franchises presenting all kind of offers from every imaginable angle, free agents can rarely be seen as secure pursuits. Some players obviously lean heavily one way or another, but for us to assume an outcome does disregard both the power and influence of their agency.

So teams pitch, and they pitch and they pitch and they pitch. They evaluate, negotiate, offer, and counter-offer, until everyone is rightfully tired of the entire process. It’s continuous and tiresome, yet it’s the avenue teams are given to acquire new talent and that players are given to make bank.

So they play along. Free agency is difficult enough on its own merits to worry about temporal order. Even if the comprehensive vision isn’t yet apparent to the public eye, GMs are working the phones as part of something bigger than an individual signing. Even if that GM is David Kahn, and the “something bigger” is an elaborate practical joke on the Timberwolf faithful.

With all of this in mind, consider the following: According to Jeff Caplan of ESPN Dallas, the Mavs have expressed interest in signing free agent wing Rasual Butler. It’s still not the big splash Mavs fans are waiting for, but it’s the type of peripheral signing that can make Dallas a better team overall. Even though Butler would likely be the backup to the backup (he’d be safely behind Caron Butler, Shawn Marion, Jason Terry, and Rodrigue Beaubois on the depth chart), Rasual is a usable player and an asset to have deep among the reserves.

Of course, how much Dallas would be willing to spend to sign Rasual would obviously be of some import. Picking up Butler could cost the Mavs most of their mid-level exception, and while that’s not an evil in itself, it could prevent Dallas from adding another real center. And as quaint of player Rasual may be, he’s not quite worth the chance of the Mavs walking into the regular season with Brendan Haywood as the only proven center under contract.

That said, Butler’s fine. A bit bland, but fine. He’s a decent outside shooter, a perfectly competent wing defender, and a nice complement. He just doesn’t quite hit the spot.

  • dgatorr

    WOOOW !!!!!!! as an NBA fan im still speachless over last nights announcement, Rob. but for the Mavs…… not sure R Butler is what the Mavs need, maybe he would be good defense, but this team needs another Dirk or someone with superstar status. what happened to the “dust chip” coming into play. pretty much all the “Stars” are already signed up. maybe we still have a chance for Iggy or someone in a trade, but here we are lagging behind again letting the cream of the crop get scooped up going else ware. i would like to see Rudy Fernandez or Andris Biedrins or Monte Ellis and/or Andre Iguodala on this team. the Mavs arent gonna go anywhere, building a team with worn out players in their later years, it aint gonna happen. i cant believe Dirk is gonna set back and let this continue. and i cant believe this MBT will continue this less than quality trading to continue, in respect to Dirk ! come on Mark, you can do much better than all this !

  • wacc_attack

    Remember that Roddy can ball; a lot of us still think of him as that guy who gets 10 minutes a game, the “sparkplug.” Rick wants him to potentially start next season; that’s saying a lot from a guy who got cold feet about a rookie leading/continuing to lead a 4th quarter comeback in a playoff elimination game. From all indications, DoJo has some talent. Weak jumper, but powerful and skilled finisher at the rim – which, frankly, is what we need on this team. Dirk can take care of that 18 footers. If we could land these two cats….I think we’d be looking pretty solid next season. Keep your fingers crossed that Cubes is primin’ that bunny to hop outta his hat.

    Raja Bell
    Rudy Fernandez

  • Phil

    @wacc_attack: raja bell, as much as I like him, seems to be injury prone and was linked to the Lakers before. I don’t see why we should add any guard right now, since our depth chart is pretty packed at the 1 and 2 position(s).

  • wacc_attack

    @Phil: lock down defender. yes he is a little older, but the man can still will his counterpart into the ground. and he can score. we need that. i recently read a description of raja that i found pretty accurate: a mesh of deshawn stevenson (on steroids) and matt carrol (back when he could shoot). the pricetag may be a little steep, in which case we probably wont pursue the idea..but in my opinion it’s worth a shot. we can always use defensive help, we all know that.

  • Stefan

    Check out my thoughts on the fallout from LeBron’s decision, the Randolph-Lee trade and NBA Summer League.

  • Eric

    I’d really like to see the mavs pick up Al Jefferson. Dirk’s entire career has been without an true center to help him out down there. I do NOT count players like Sean Bradley, Dampier, Diop, or even Haywood. Although Haywood has been the biggest improvement as of yet all these past centers lack on the offensive end. I couldn’t agree more with Dgatorr in saying they really need someone to carry the load with Dirk. He’s 32 and doesn’t have a lot of time left to get a ring as he’s deserved to. I respect Dirk even more now as a true player wanting to get the job done in Dallas. I’m still disappointed that we let a rising point guard in Devin Harris go for a veteran guard on his way out in Kidd. The year we let Harris go be becomes an all-star. Iggy would be the best addition to this team in my opinion

  • Wacc_attack

    The problem with big al is that he can’t start. You won’t sit Dirk in his place, and you publicly promised haywood the starting job while enticing him to resign. You can’t go back on that, or you lose credibility and-worse-respect. And will Jefferson be ok with coming off the bench as a backup 4/5? Maybe. But probably not.

    The Harris trade was controversial when it first happened. Since then we all saw that in the long run we are better off with Kidd. Harris is a shoot first pg, not a floor general like Kidd. Which is what we needed. Yes more offense from his position would be amazing…but with Harris running the team there’s no way the other guys get the looks they fo now. Harris never materialized into that true pg we all hoped for when he was blossoming.

  • Aleks

    Just throwing it out there: For years I thought the best way to build around Dirk is not to assign him a certain position, but to essentially build a traditional team and -then- add Dirk as a joker. It’s almost a crime to say that Dirk is a PF, he is not, and he isn’t a SF or a C neither. If anything, Dirk is a guard in a PF body, and outside player, and the most important complement to Dirk is a scoring threat inside. That never happened in Dallas.

    Obviously, a traditional team can have two players operating from the post area (see Duncan/Robinson), which means, the Mavs could do the same with Haywood and Jefferson. In addition, they need a PG on the floor (Kidd) and a second guy who can create his own shot (Butler). Then add Dirk as shooter and in the high-post and you have a super-big, super-dangerous lineup. I really should become GM.

  • timbo

    @ aleks – and how would dirk go at defending a SG or SF in this league u think those legs could keep up with a Durant, james or wade? dont think so. jefferson would be great coming off the bench but he wont and haywoods our starting centre now and you wouldnt want to take on the $42m left remaining on jefferson’s contract anyway. could get 2 solid role players for the money which would be far more beneficial.

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