Mr. Right Now

Posted by Rob Mahoney on July 26, 2010 under Commentary, Rumors | 2 Comments to Read

As the Mavs search for another forward to back up Dirk Nowitzki and Tim Thomas looks for a home to resume his NBA career, it’s only natural that their paths should meet. Bringing Thomas back to the Mavs next season actually makes a lot of sense, and considering the limited alternatives at power forward left in free agency, Thomas may prove to be the smart, safe selection. Imagine that.

It seems like a lifetime ago, but Thomas was actually a productive member of the Mavs’ rotation before taking a leave of absence to stay with his ailing wife. Thomas started the year in terrific fashion, but fell back to Earth a bit over the course of the season. Still, he was a solid three-point shooter for the Mavs in 18 games, shooting .372 from deep on 43 attempts. He showed patience and discretion, and was a slightly more efficient offensive player than his overall career marks show. He scored well, defended adequately, and filled in minutes for the Mavs at both the 3 and the 4. He hit a game-tying three to force overtime (though that shot was easily overshadowed by the Mavs’ loss in OT and the teeth in Dirk Nowitzki’s elbow), played to his strengths, and did what was asked of him. That’s not the kind of portfolio that’s going to secure Thomas a huge paycheck for the coming season, but it looks like it could be enough for him to reprise his role in Dallas.

The Mavs have a chance to bring Thomas back to do it all over again, and provided he’s available for the veteran’s minimum, it seems like the right move. There are no superstars, All-Stars, quasi-stars, former stars, or even distant stars left to acquire. There are only role players, and while Dallas could certainly use more help than just Thomas, they’ll have to make do.

  • ws

    it only seems safe to me if he’s gonna be around all season to be counted on to play. maybe his family problems could have a relapse, i seriously hope not, but what if ? i think the team deserves to know if he’s 110% ready to take on that responsibility, right now ? i think he could be a very valuable asset to this seasons play.

    the bigger question i have for the Mavs is ……why is Juice always included in trade talks and not Terry. i would trade Jet in a heartbeat after last seasons playing ! Juice is younger too, wtf ?

  • Kirk Henderson

    I’ll take Tim Thomas for what we need – a shooter who can extend the floor.

    Also, I think that Butler’s contract is always included for a variety of reasons…
    1.) Butler is in the last year of a $10 million contract, Terry’s is 2 years with the last one partially guaranteed or a team option, I’m not sure.
    2.) Butler is a small forward, whereas we signed Marion to a 5 year deal for the same spot.
    3.) Butler is a volume shooter (see games 1 and 2 of the spurs series); Terry is a rhythm shooter.
    4.) Butler has a hard time understanding his role; he wants to be a leader but is a complimentary piece at best.

    Granted, reasons 1 and 2 are the main reasons. I just can’t stand Butler after watching him here in DC for years, and then watch his mess play with the Mavs for the last half of the season.