Heard It Through the Grapevine

Posted by Rob Mahoney on July 6, 2010 under Rumors | Be the First to Comment

  • In ESPN’s Ultimate Team Standings (Insider), the Mavs came in as the 24th best franchise in all of professional sports. The only NBA orgs that rank ahead of Dallas are San Antonio, Orlando, and Cleveland. Not too shabby, Mark. Here’s the blurb: “…it’s easy to understand why owner Mark Cuban is appreciated by the Mavs faithful. Yes, the retooled Mavs — with recently acquired Caron Butler and Brendan Haywood — fizzled in a first-round exit, but the effort (and salary absorbed) can’t be faulted. In the meantime, the Mavs lowered their average ticket price by 7.5% (the highest slash by any team with a winning record last season) and offered a $59 Dr Pepper Family Night package, with tickets and food for four. Plus, as Cuban says, “we probably spend more on in-game video production than any team in the world.” It’s no surprise, then, that American Airlines Center was tops in the NBA for Stadium Experience, or that yet another early summer vacation hasn’t soured Mavs loyalists.”
  • Scott Schroeder of Ridiculous Upside goes through the the Mavs’ Summer League roster to better acquaint us with some of the relative unknowns. No Beaubois or DoJo here, just intros into the Eric Tramiels of the world.
  • Bad luck for Shawn Marion.
  • Dirk Nowitzki on free agency (via Eddie Sefko of the Dallas Morning News): “Obviously, a couple teams were interested,” he said. “But it never really got to the point where I was ready to listen. My heart’s here. To go through the whole process that everybody’s going through, I don’t like that. It was just weird. And to have two-hour presentations when I know I’m not really interested. I didn’t see any sense in that. It didn’t really get that far…When it was all said and done, to me, I feel like I started this thing here and after 12 years now, I feel like I got unfinished business here. I just wanted to not run away from something that’s right there. I met with Cuban, and he said: ‘You know we’re all in this together.’..And he’s right. We started this and it wouldn’t even feel right to go somewhere else and chase something that nobody can promise me.”
  • Dan Feldman analyzed Brendan Haywood’s game as part of his free agency coverage over at Piston Powered, and asked me to chip in with a breakdown of Haywood. Check it out for more reasons why Dallas really needs to hold on to Brendan.
  • Tough break for Dirk: the world’s most famous psychic octopus picked Spain to win out over Germany in the World Cup semi-finals.