They Smell Like the Future: Mac Koshwal

Posted by Rob Mahoney on June 22, 2010 under Commentary | Read the First Comment

Photo by AP Photo/Keith Srakocic.

DePaul Junior
6’10”, 240 lbs
Birthday unknown (seriously)
Power forward/center
Projection: Second rounder/undrafted

Mac is a bit more talented than the “project center” archetype suggests, but ultimately we’re dealing with something in the same genus. If the Mavs are willing to invest time, coaching, and energy in Koshwal, he could eventually become something of a player. If not, Koshwal is the type of big body that could float around the periphery of the league for quite some time, riding unguaranteed contracts, ten-days, and summer league teams as a practice body for hire.

Koshwal put together a relatively decent basketball portfolio in college, which is the only thing to suggest he could be something more than a 6’10” body. Obviously his height gave him an advantage at DePaul that he he won’t have the benefit of in the NBA, but his size does mean that he can try to hang with other pro bigs. He’s not the strongest, the fastest, the most athletic, or the most skilled, but Mac could end up being “Opposing Center #247.” It’s not a glorious life, and it typically leads to little more than a bare bones Wikipedia page to signify his existence. That’s still better than most, even if Koshwal never plays a minute of meaningful NBA action.

Ultimately, Koshwal looks like filler. He didn’t fake his way through his collegiate production, and considering just how bad DePaul has been, the numbers are honestly pretty impressive. He just doesn’t have one skill that could make him an NBA commodity, nor has he shown the potential to even be a solid NBA reserve. If the Mavs are looking for someone to potentially use up some minutes in the near future, they can do better. If they’re looking for a player to develop down the road, they can still probably do better. Mac may be a nice “just in case” guy to have floating around at the end of the bench or on the Legends, but aside from emergency utility, he’s not a particularly notable prospect.

2009-2010 Traditional Per Game and Per 40 Minute Stats:

Per Game16.
Per 4018.511.

2009-2010 Per Possession Stats (Offense):


2009-2010 Per Possession Stats (Defense):


Other People:

Joe Treutlein, Draft Express: “One area where Koshwal does excel is the glass, especially the offensive end, where he pulls in 4.3 offensive boards per game. Koshwal has a relentless motor on the glass and has no problem throwing his body around, as we’ve previously documented. This is probably the most attractive part of his profile in fact when projecting him to the NBA level, as players of his nature aren’t always that easy to find, at least not for the minimum. Defensively, Koshwal has a pretty upright stance on the perimeter, and doesn’t seem to put in full effort moving his feet, which probably makes his lateral quickness look worse than it could be. On pick-and-rolls, he looks completely out of sorts, usually making peculiar decisions and not really putting in full effort most of the time. In the post, he doesn’t get great leverage and his fundamentals could probably use a little work, but he does put in a better effort level here. On the weakside, he really is not much of a threat blocking shots due to his lack of explosiveness, but he does show a terrific ability to anticipate post-entry passes and come up with steals.”


  • Mac is originally from Sudan, but he attended Boys to Men Math and English Academy in Chicago. Boys. To. Men.

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Stats courtesy of Draft Express and Stat Sheet.