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Posted by Rob Mahoney on May 23, 2010 under xOther | 3 Comments to Read

  • Those six players the Mavs worked out? Not only will they not be invites for training camp filler, they won’t even be asked to compete on the Mavs’ summer league team.
  • In the same update, Eddie Sefko also notes that Nick Calathes, one of the Mavs’ second rounders last year, will play professionally in Greece again next season and thus is not allowed to compete with Dallas in summer league.
  • Kelly Dwyer assembled a list of the top playoff performers this season, with Dirk getting his due at #6: “Had the Mavericks played a little longer, with Dirk no doubt approximating his averages of 26.7 points per game on 55 percent shooting, 8.2 rebounds and just 1.7 turnovers a contest, Nowitzki would probably be duking it out with Pau and Rondo at the top. As it is, the Mavs were out in the first round, and though Dirk had some chances to aid his Mavericks down the stretch of a few of their losses to San Antonio, the biggest reason they were in those losses to begin with was because of Nowitzki’s superb play.”
  • Tom Ziller and Bethlehem Shoals compiled a number of free agency outcomes, most of which involve Dirk staying a Mav, but two that involve Nowitzki signing with the Knicks (one alongside LeBron, the other alongside Joe Johnson). It’s more exploratory than predictive, but one line should stick out to Mavs fans: “LeBron’s not coming Dallas, no matter how catchy its Autotune-d siren song; it’s Dirk and little else.” The last phrase is something that most MFFLs have noted following Dallas’ loss in the first round of the playoffs, but the argument is somehow flipped when the topic of free agency comes up. I agree that Dallas has the most complete team for a star that wants to contend immediately (supposing they retain both Dirk and Brendan Haywood, of course), but the logical shift is still very interesting. Even LeBron wouldn’t solve all of the Mavs problems.
  • Steve Nash’s top 10 career assists, with #10 coming while he was in a Maverick uniform. Plenty of gems in the bunch, but disappointingly unrepresentative of Steve’s entire career. It’s not just a Mavs thing, either; Nash’s first few years with the Suns seem a tad neglected as well. Then again, all of the assists chosen are awesome, so what’s the use in complaining? (Link via Ball Don’t Lie)
  • LeBron James apparently doesn’t care about the ability to select his own coach. That’s a win for the Mavs…I guess? Rick Carlisle isn’t going anywhere, so I guess that means teams with coaching vacancies (or soon-to-be vacancies) wouldn’t have an edge on the Mavs in the LeBron sweepstakes on the basis of coaching flexibility. Hooray?
  • Avery Johnson is killing his chance to coach either the Hornets or the Hawks by insisting on a managerial role as well. No one is all that surprised.
  • harry

    Its nice to see the whole ‘dirk isn’t clutch, can’t bring it in the postseason’ thing is starting to fade away to the make believe land it came from.
    On Avery, it almost sounds like he’s trying to be an over-bearing control freak. Gosh, that sure comes out of nowhere, huh? (Somewhere, Devin Harris is wondering what happened to the sweet, laid back Avery we all know and love).

  • harry

    BTW, speaking of cautionary tales : the last time DFW landed the ‘best player in the game’ his name was Alex Rodriguez. *shudder*shiver*

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