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Posted by Rob Mahoney on May 20, 2010 under xOther | 2 Comments to Read

  • John Hollinger (Insider) posits that the ideal teammate for LeBron James this summer is Chris Bosh. Next in line? Dirk Nowitzki: “The lesson here: Pairing LeBron with a floor-spacing 4 can be really, really effective. We’ll start with Nowitzki, the gold standard in this category. Dallas doesn’t have the cap space to pursue LeBron, but that doesn’t mean they won’t try like the dickens with some combo of Erick Dampier’s non-guaranteed deal, talented prospect Rodrigue Beaubois and any other goodies ($3 million and a future first-rounder, for instance) they can muster. If they pulled it off, Dirk and LeBron would make a fearsome pair. Nowitzki doesn’t rebound like Bosh does but is an even better outside shooter; and, as with Bosh, Nowitzki has both a low Turnover Rate and a high TS%.”
  • Tim MacMahon wonders if Rodrigue Beaubois can eventually make a Rajon Rondo-like impact. There’s a big difference between the two in terms of their career arcs: the Celtics have always needed Rondo. He was their only option at point guard from his second season onward essentially, and ready or not, he was thrown into the fire. If the Mavs want to see similar developmental patterns, Rick Carlisle, Donnie Nelson, and Mark Cuban will have to really put the franchise’s faith in Beaubois’ production. Rodrigue will be able to put up points regardless, but if we’re talking about his eventual development into a difference-maker of that magnitude, it’s going to take plenty of franchise support.
  • Each Mav will receive $32,500 as a playoff bonus.
  • The Spurs may have beat the Mavs in the first round, but they’re still facing plenty of questions after being swept by the Suns ins the second round.
  • Mark Cuban, on how Facebook is predicated on compromises in privacy. Nothing basketball-related, but interesting.
  • Another affirmation of the Mavs as a dark horse candidate for LeBron’s services. Though it’s worth wondering (and this is nothing against SI’s Ian Thompson specifically, who wrote this particular piece) whether we’ve already reached the speculative breaking point. By now, LeBron’s future has been so thoroughly analyzed, that all we may be getting is the recycling of already recycled theories. Then again, given the media anticipation of 2010 free agency, maybe we reached that point a year or two ago.
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