This One Goes Up to Eleven

Posted by Rob Mahoney on April 12, 2010 under xOther | 10 Comments to Read

About a month ago, I made a “Call to Arms” for aspiring Mavs writers. The response I received was incredible, and I’d like to thank everyone who found the time to submit a piece for review. There were a lot of submissions to go through, and I sincerely appreciate how difficult the process of narrowing down the candidates was.

Ultimately, I’ve decided to go with Mark Kao and Blaine Zimmerman. They’ll be making their Two Man Game debuts in the very near future, and rather than offer some surface-level introduction to Mark and Blaine, I think it’s best if I let their work and their voices acquaint you. I think you’ll really enjoy what each of these gents can bring to the table, and I know this blog will be all the better because of their contributions.

  • DOH

    Let’s be real, nobody (except relatives) cares WHO does the writing. Just WHAT. Carry on.

  • Kirk Henderson

    Who counts too. That’s the joy of the internet is instead of stories written by people with whom you’ll never get to know, blogs like this one allow fan-writer interaction.

    I, for one, being a lone Mav fan in DC have really enjoyed the occasional email exchange with Rob, along with reading his pov and that of the other MFFL’s.

  • crawford

    DOH is a moron. Everybody who reads this blog should care. So far we read this because we love Rob’s work. We assume Rob picked two more standouts from the compendium of works he received.

    Blaine and Mark…I think I speak for the regular readers when I say, “here we are now, entertain us.”

  • Mark Kao

    Thanks guys,

    I look forward to contributing some commentary and talking Mavs with yall. I’ll have a column coming up tomorrow, hope you guys like it.

  • John

    Speak for yourself DOH

  • Kirk Henderson

    Speaking of entertaining me

    I would like a photoshopped version of Dirk’s head on the Russell Crowe’s body when Dirk is making that angry face and the caption: ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED

  • Brian D

    Speak for yourself DOH. Most of us appreciate the work that’s put into this blog.

    I’m excited to read the new guys’ work, glad Rob got a little help too. Now you won’t have to post recaps at 4am on weeknights!

  • Justin

    Congrats to the new guys! Look forward to reading what I’m sure will be very interesting writing!

    And Rob- continue the good work!

  • DOH

    crawford, thanks for your kind judgment. You give me hope, alas, for Gods own country, if not for Texas.

    Brian, this isn’t about appreciation for work, which is a given (right?!). This is about the content.

    Case in Point: John Hollinger.

  • Philip

    Way to go Mark!