It’s Pressing: Post-Game Pressers from Mavs-Spurs Game 4

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Hit the jump for the full post-game treatment courtesy of the press conference types (Carlisle, Pop, Dirk, George Hill) as well as  a number of other locker room interviews following Game 4:


On how the Mavs played in Game 4:

“We know we’ve got a good team, it’s just up to us to do our job defensively. We put ourselves in position tonight. We gave ourselve a chance, and then we just lost our composure when we got up by 15 points and those guys got back in the game. We’re a veteran team we’ve gotta take the ball to the basket, we have to take our time, draw fouls, make layups. Hey, they’re a good tema, they made the adjustment, came out, played hard, and they were able to come up with the win.”

On the painful third quarter:

“We missed a couple of shots here and there, a couple of layups, and they go down and score and they’re right back in the game. If we had made a couple of shots here and there, gotten a couple of fouls, and went to the free throw line, it could’ve been the difference in this game.”

On why the Mavs stumbled offensively:

“Obviously when you’ve got the lead, you want to try to maintain that lead. Maybe we took a couple of shots we shouldn’t have taken. When you’ve got the defense running at you, we have to drive to the basket. We just keep the game simple: go out there and play hard and leave it all out there on the floor.”

On what the Mavs need to do to counter the Spurs “quick defensive rotations”:

“Their quick defensive rotations? Really? [Damp chuckles.] I didn’t know they were that quick. [Q: They're not resulting in open shots.] When we’re a settled-down team, we’re able to get anything we want. It doesn’t matter who we’re out there playing. Go back and look at that second quarter. We were able to get shots. We were knocking down shots in the second quarter. that’s how we got that lead. It’s up to us to maintain it.”

On if he thought the Mavs should have won this game based on their containment of the Big Three:

“Oh, most definitely. George Hill played great tonight. He stepped up, hit shots, hit the open corner shots. Take his scoring down a little bit and we win this game.”

On if the Spurs did something to take the Mavs out of the game or frustrate them:

“I don’t think — they didn’t do anything. It was just us feeling like we had to do something because we had the lead and they were scoring and we weren’t scoring.”

On whether some Mavs may have been trying to do too much:

“Not necessarily. When players are open, they shoot shots. Whether they go in or not, they’ve just gotta keep shooting.”


On the Mavs’ difficulties in the third:

“We just didn’t score. San Antonio needed to make a run, and they did, but the big thing was that down the stretch we had our opportunities to get back into the game and we just couldn’t make a shot.”

On if he thought the Mavs lost their composure when the game became more physical:

“Well, it’s going to be a physical series. Both teams want to win and they’re going to do whatever it takes. Losing our composure? The main thing is that we didn’t make shots. We had great looks and that’s the name of the game. We’ve gotta find a way to make shots.”

On how the Mavs should adjust to the added defensive pressure on Dirk:

“Yeah, we knew coming in that they were going to try to take the ball out of Dirk’s hands and again, if we make shots, then that frees Dirk up from the double team and we just didnt do that. But the the good thing is that we made shots late, it was just a little bit too late.”

On why Dallas didn’t always get quality shots during the game’s tougher stretches:

“Sometimes we’re a little hesitant, maybe. When we had shots, we should’ve took them instead of trying to make the extra pass. We did that in Game 3 to start the game and turned the ball over. That’s just something we’ve gotta take care of and address. We’ve gotta get shots — make or miss, we’ve gotta take care of the ball.”

On his view of the series from the 1-3 hole, and the Mavs’ chances of surviving the first round:

“We’re not looking at three straight. We’re looking at Game 5, and that’s as far as we can look.”

On George Hill providing a lot of scoring for San Antonio:

“Well, he got a lot of good looks in our rotation from the three. He made five of them. When you look at that, we did pretty well on everybody else, but this is basketball at its best: there’s always going to be somebody who steps up and Hill was the guy who stepped up tonight.

They ran a lot of pick-and-rolls, and he got good looks and he made them. If he misses them, maybe it’s a different story. But he made them, so you tip your hat, and try to make them work on the other end.”

On whether the Mavs are frustrated after their loss in Game 4:

“I don’t think we’re frustrated. I think were getting great looks and not making them. I think [was] we just turned the ball over in that third quarter and gave them life, and maybe took a little steam from us. But we’re a veteran ball club and we understand where we stand right now.”

On his legs at this point in the season:

“Yeah, I feel great. The ball’s just not going in for me from behind the arc, but the big thing is that I can do something different to help the team win and that’s maybe make plays and get the ball in the paint.”

On whether he thinks the Spurs would be the no. 7 seed had they been healthy for the regular season:

“I would say not. I’d say they’d be a little bit higher than a seven seed. That’s why I’d say that seeding doesnt matter in the Western Conference: anybody can be beaten on a given night, at home or on the road.”


On the Mavs’ overall performance in Game 4:

“We did our job on defense and I thought if you told me before the game that we would hold the Big Three to the numbers they had in the game, I would’ve said we win the game. In Game 3, we didn’t give up any three-pointers and tonight that happens. It’s just the way basketball goes. We couldn’t generate enough offense. We are doing decent on defense but we just can’t generate scoring and offense. It was a brawl, a street fight. Both teams kept plugging away, but we just didn’t make enough plays. Shooting in the low 40 percent won’t cut it in this series. We have to get the long rebounds if they shoot three-pointers. We have to get those rebounds and the loose balls. We fought and battled but didn’t make enough plays.”

On George Hill stepping up when the Big Three stepped down:

“You have to give Hill credit; he was unconscious from the three-point line. McDyess made shots, Blair came in and had a big contribution and their bench was really good. Richard Jefferson made some big shots and big plays. The Spurs’ role players stepped up and had a good game.”

On the game and series altering third quarter slump:

“They picked up the energy and started to play better. We have to keep our poise a little better in the future, and they were physical but we just didn’t respond in the right way. If you are up, you can’t let the game swing by 18 points and only get 11 points in the third quarter. It’s not going to cut it.”

On the Spurs’ defense against him in Game 4:

“They ran at me from the get-go, on the block and on the dribble they came after me. When I was isolated on the free throw line, they came at me as well. After the game I had two days ago, they weren’t just going to watch me shoot. They were aggressive tonight and got the ball out of my hands. They aren’t guarding some of our guys and ignoring them but they are living with contested shots in the corner. Their bigs close out and contest the three-point baskets, and live with those shots. We didn’t get a lot of them tonight.”

On dropping a crucial second game in San Antonio:

“It’s not pretty. We thought we could get one down here. We had our chance and played well in the first half and had the lead, but gave it away too easy in the third. We have to stop the bleeding at home because we’ve lost three in a row. We have to go home and win because we definitely need one.”

On his frustration with being down 1-3 in the series:

“It’s tough. I’m not going to sit here and lie. In Game 2, we should have had it at home and we feel we should have had one here. We didn’t, and it’s frustrating, but we have to keep fighting until it’s over and go from there.”


On his confidence level after his 29-point performance in Game 4:

“My confidence is high. It’s been something that’s been high all year. I worked all summer to come up this year and be an offensive and defensive threat for this team. Starting with this summer, it’s been fun learning different ways to help win games. I just try to keep learning and try to help my team get better.”

On the stability of his ankle after injury concerns earlier in the series:

“I finally have my feet back under me. I’ve been struggling with a bum ankle for the last couple of weeks. I’ve done a lot of rehab that got me back to 100 percent. The main thing about all of this is just belief in myself and [to] just play, and not worry about my ankle.”

On what his incredible performance says about himself and the Spurs:

“It shows that we are a complete team. They believe in me and it shows they have confidence n me and I just try to deliver. It’s the Big Three but for one of them to kick it out to a second-year player says a lot. The Big Three will give you a chance to contribute and play — that’s all you can ask for. It’s always the Big Three. You have to have everyone step up because  you can’t rely on just the Big Three. There is a struggle in the game, but it’s a team game and individuals can contribute and help win games. I think we did that better in the second nad we held each other accoundable. It takes all 15 of us to win every game and that’s exactly what our team mindset is right now.”

On playing alongside Tony Parker:

“It’s pretty fun, not a challenge. It’s more of playing faster and trying to mess with the lineup. Playing with Tony is great because we can both play the one and two and get up on defense and speed up the tempo of the game. It was a good job by Pop to try to put us in situations to speed it up and boost up the lead that we had.”

On the physicality of the series:

“It’s fun. We dream of playing in big games that are physical. Not trying to hurt other players, but just being competitive. You don’t want to back down and both teams have done a great job of being physical so far. All you can do is keep your head level and keep playing.”


On the sub-par performances from the Big Three:

“Well when you get another guy going 11 for 16 and hits five three’s it could easily happen. If you additionally get your ass kicked on 5 to 7 loose ball plays that certainly contributes to losing. We played hard, but there’s a set of plays in the last couple of games where we got to get down ands dirty. We have to come up with balls that are 50/50 balls. That’s where the game is being won and lost in the trenches.”

On what the Mavs did well in Games 3 and 4:

“I thought we played hard, we battled. Again there are a number of plays that we have to be the aggressor on and we didn’t do that tonight. We didn’t shoot well early, but we were very aggressive and very strong willed. The other part of our undoing was the third quarter. We had 7 or 8 turnovers and shot 27 or 28% then the Spurs got on a run that we needed to stave off sooner.”

On what exactly went wrong in the third quarter:

“The Spurs defense picked up and we needed to respond better to it. That’s the best answer I can give you, without seeing the film. When it gets loud we have to keep our composer and we could have done better at that too. It’s a tough loss.”
When asked if his team is a long shot to win the series – “I’ve been with a team that’s done it before, so it can be done. It starts with winning game five. That’s got to be the starting point. We’ve got to play and win the game.”


On San Antonio’s ability to adapt to the lackluster performances from their stars:

“I think George Hill played a great game tonight. You always have to tip your hat to someone that beats you however I think tonight was more about what we didn’t do as a team. We didn’t have composure down the stretch. We got all the time done that we wanted to tonight and the big three didn’t have a great game. The big three was nullified for once in tonight’s game but we didn’t find a way to take advantage and win tonight. Tip your hat to the Spurs because they won the game tonight.”

On trailing the Spurs 1-3 in the series, and whether or not reaching the second round is still a reasonable goal:

“This team has won thirteen straight games before so three straight is very attainable. Is it hard to win three games in a row during the playoffs? Yes it’s hard but if it wasn’t everyone would be playing in the NBA. The way I look at this series is one game at a time. We have a game on Tuesday and I don’t look any further than that. If we don’t take care of the game on Tuesday there won’t be another game later in the week. We have to win one game and go from there.”

On San Antonio’s team defense:

“I think we have to make plays. We have players like Duncan and Blair on our guards. So if we can spread the court out so we can take those guys out and make the Spurs pay by forcing them to move there feet on the perimeter.”

On how physical the series has become:

“I don’t think it got too physical. The NBA has an image to maintain. I grew up watching NBA basketball and this was not as physical as I’ve seen.”


On the Spurs’ defense on Dirk:

“Antonio did a good job number one guarding a great player; that was the most important part of the whole deal. Everybody else was very active. In general, I thought the activity was good and that helped us with Dirk.”

On whether Pop considered Manu’s play to be ‘tentative’ given his nasal fracture:

“I don’t think he was tentative. It’s not in him. He doesn’t know how to do that.”

On DeJuan Blair’s success:

“He did a great job for us on the boards, he scored and played pretty good defense. He reacted pretty well for a young guy in a big playoff game.”



On winning the game despite not getting the expected production from the Big Three:

“If you look at just the numbers of those three guys you would definitely think we lost the game, but that just means the rest of us have to step up. It was unbelievable how we came out in that second half and jumped on them and got this win.”

On the Spurs’ impressive third quarter:

“It was a grind. We came out there from the start and said we have two quarters left and we’re going to leave it all on the floor. We came out talking to each other. I think the crowd made a big difference because they got us into the game. We kind of fed off of them and started making some shots and then didn’t look back.”

On whether the Spurs consider themselves to be a no. 7 seed:

“We really didn’t approach it that way. Whoever we got in the first round we felt like we were going to go out there and give it our all and try to take the series. It’s still not over. We have a long way to go and we just have to keep battling and get this series.”

On how he and the Spurs’ defenders held Dirk to 10 shot attempts:

“It wasn’t the defense. He just wasn’t taking them. It looked like he was a little reluctant because we were shifting on him a lot and getting off of him. I don’t think he ever really knew when to take his shot. He had some open shots, but he just wasn’t taking them.”

On how San Antonio maintained their composure when the game started to get a little nutty:

“Because this team has been there so many times and in this position, when it gets so close and tight like that I don’t think we panic. I think this is a team that always stays on one pace and never gets panicky. We always pull it out when we do that.”

  • Shaun

    “Their quick defensive rotations? Really? [Damp chuckles.] I didn’t know they were that quick. [Q: They're not resulting in open shots.] When we’re a settled-down team, we’re able to get anything we want. It doesn’t matter who we’re out there playing. Go back and look at that second quarter. We were able to get shots. We were knocking down shots in the second quarter. that’s how we got that lead. It’s up to us to maintain it.”

    Go back and look at your playoff career. Dallas plays you for 24 mpg and they come up short in the playoffs. It’s up to you and your teammates to stop making excuses or begging for the refs to whistle you into a Larry O’Brien.

    Typical character of everyone on this team not named Dirk or Jason. Start crediting your opponents and take a long hard look at what you can do to improve your own play. As usual, you have all summer.

  • Andrew

    It’s my birthday, and all I want for it is a Maverick’s win.