Heard It Through the Grapevine

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  • With 36 points on  12-14 shooting (12-12 FT), Dirk Nowitzki enters very select company for scoring efficiency in a playoff game.
  • Gil LeBreton of the Star-Telegram on Popovich’s defensive strategy: “To all who wondered what would happen if, for whatever silly reason, San Antonio coach Gregg Popovich chose to defend Dirk Nowitzki one on one, the answer came with near-perfect resonance… “Well, you know, they had scorers last year too.” Popovich explained later. “You pick your poison…” Popovich rolled the dice and it came out 36. Wrong poison.”
  • Spurs guard George Hill was benched after 18 scoreless minutes but claims his ankle feels fine.
  • Popovich calls out his supporting cast: “We’ve got to have a few more people step up and play worth a damn, I thought we had a lot of guys that played like dogs.”
  • Jason Terry plans on losing the protective face mask for good. With just 5 points on 2-9 shooting though, maybe he should put it back on.
  • Mentor Holger Geschwindner on Dirk’s brilliant performance (via Jeff Caplan): “He missed a shot, we’re working on it.”
  • Caron Butler talks playoffs on his blog The Real Juice: “Here I am in the playoffs, I’m two years removed from my last postseason appearance and it feels great to be making another appearance… I’m here in Dallas with an actual title contender… and we are on the road to a championship. First victim… San Antonio.”
  • Jason Kidd expects Tony Parker to start in Game 2.

Supplementary bullets from Mahoney:

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    Gotta love the Geschwinder quote!!!